Tonight I felt like soup, so I made soup! On Tuesday, my friend Laura blogged about a broccoli soup that she made and it looked absolutely delicious so I’ve had the recipe open in a tab in my browser because I knew I wanted to make it this week and tonight was the night!

I even had plans to take a picture of it but then I realized that I forgot to charge my camera battery. It’s so not like me. I’m usually a photo snapping, uber blogging girl! I am going to go ahead and blame the weather for my general laziness and horrible mood lately. Yeah, that’s it… the weather. *whistles*

Anyhow, you should all go look at her broccoli spinach soup because it was absolutely fantastic. I actually made a mistake and used curry powder instead of cumin like the recipe calls for but the soup was still amazing. I guess the two spices are fairly similar anyway (plus they are my two favorite spices) so it didn’t really matter to me. Josh recommended that I make it again this weekend and make even more of it and try it with the cumin this time and add a couple of our own special touches to it. I’m excited.

Have you ever messed up a recipe and had it actually turn out pretty awesome too?

Josh and I are actually eating pretty well. I hope we keep this up!

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  • I actually messed up while trying to cook chicken once. I had a couple of real thick chicken breasts and tried pan-frying them but I knew they would end up burning and/or not cooking all the way through if I continued on that path, so after cooking them for a while in a pan, I stuck them in the over. They ended up real nice since they had the sear – it sealed in the juices and they cooked all the way through. It was pretty lucky for me!

    I’m always a little weary of chicken ever since I ate a drumstick my mom fixed that wasn’t cooked all the way through and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night to… well, you know :P heh

    PS: Mmm… cumin.

  • Next time I should try curry powder, I love it too!

  • Sometimes I get a bit lazy and just don’t bother replying to what the person said on my blog, unless we’re having a huge conversation. But sometimes, like you, I also feel burned out. But I always read the comments that I get. :)

    Ooh, this broccoli soup sounds fantastic! And you’ve told me too that you love broccoli! It’s a shame you actually didn’t put in the correct ingredient, but a surprise that it still turned out very well.

    Unfortunately most of my cooking disasters have ended up with soggy jelly, floppy cakes and other unpleasant delicacies. But one time I put a little too much butter and egg into a muffin that it became a little creamy, but it was very delicious! I had made it with my friends and we were happy to know that it tasted good despite the wrong measurements. ;D

    Hopefully next time you remember your camera! :D

  • When I mess up a recipe, I mess it up. I can make the most potentially delicious dish taste like an ashtray filled with mold. My Cooking remains below Journeyman skill. X_x’ I envy people who can cook so much. SO much!

    I refuse to believe broccoli soup can taste good, though. *gags. Just a little.*

  • Mmm yummy, sounds so good!

  • Most of the time when I mess up a recipe it doesn’t turn out good–it turns out nasty! I’m glad yours turned out well.

  • I love soup so so much. It’s almost a perfect food, imo. IT’S LIKE A HUG FROM THE INSIDE!

  • Sounds delicious! :O

    I don’t think I’ve ever messed up a recipe and had it come out delicious, but my mom used to make atole a lot, and it was delicious. Then she found out she was doing it a slightly different way than her mother was, so she adjusted the way she made it. It stinks, because I liked the old way better.

  • Mmm broccoli soup sounds awesome!!! Oh yes I’ve messed up recipes haha. Years ago I tried my hands with red beans, rice and sausage and it turned out so terribly because of the way I cooked it haha. Live and learn!!!

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