Lately, I have decided that it’s time to get in shape again. Well, a shape that isn’t this round shape that I currently seem to have formed into would be nice. This past year has been incredible but one thing that has really not been so incredible is that every time I walk past the mirror I seem to be a little bit bigger.

It’s not like I’m gigantic. I still fit into the same pants that I did when I moved here a year ago. I’m the same size. It’s just that it’s obvious that I should probably be wearing a size bigger than that to be comfortable. I’m sure that some of us have been there or can at least relate in some way.

It’s okay, though. If you know me at all, you know that I lost nearly 60 pounds last year. It’s rookie stuff. I can do this again. The hard part is the mindset and getting started. Time is always something that gets in the way and I never have enough of it to get all of my thoughts in order. I’ve got plenty of it now, though! School has finally ended for the year and we have just moved to summer holidays as of this week.

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It has been a while since I mentioned it, but I have a Day Zero Project, also known as a 101 in 1001 list. For those who don’t know, it is basically a list of 101 things that I want to accomplish in 1001 days or approximately 2.5 years. My list has been hidden at my site for quite some time now since it has been on hold but I decided that I would start actively pursuing my tasks once again so I have added my list back to the navigation of my site again.

You can see my list here:

I started my list back in March of 2010 and I have just over a year to complete the rest of the list. I was able to cross off quite a few things from my list after reading over it again. I completed a few things without realizing it in my big move to New Zealand and during my weight loss as well as just randomly here and there.

This is what I looked like when I started my list. :(
365days: 003

Here is what I look like today. :)

Some things of note that I have completed recently are:

3. Take the leap and move to New Zealand.
4. Get a job in New Zealand.
6. Find a place to live in New Zealand.
15. Lose 25 more pounds.
17. Work out for 3 days a week for an entire month. (In hopes this will kick start me.)
19. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month!
20. Do not eat any take out for an entire month.
27. Buy nail polish and paint my nails.
28. Get a pedicure.
41. Beat a video game that I start. (Mass Effect)
50. Get myself a new mp3 player for the gym when I’ve kept the 10 pounds off.
51. Allow myself to get some new clothes when I lose the 25 pounds.
60. Take a break from the internet for an entire weekend.
80. Donate all clothes I don’t need or wear anymore to charity.

Do you have a bucket list or a Day Zero project? What are some things that you have completed recently?
What are some interesting things on my list that you think you might want to try?

I have lost 60 pounds as of today. Actually, if you want to be technical I’ve lost exactly 61.6 pounds as of my weigh in this week. But who is keeping track, right? I’m really excited about this big milestone. My goal is still set to lose a total of 80 pounds but I still might readjust it as I get closer depending on how I feel once I am around that weight. We’ll see how I feel after another 10. I know I want to get at least to there.

new clothes

Yesterday after work I went and bought myself some “teacher clothes.” I am going to be needing them sooner than I think. Although I do not start my new job until the school year starts here in January, I am going to be visiting the school in another week. I will be sitting in on classes, seeing how the school is run, and sitting in on one of their faculty days at the end of the week (which is why that week was picked for me to go down there). I will be staying with another teacher for the week since it is too far for me to travel there each day. I’m not sure who I will be staying with yet but I’m sure it will be an adventure in itself.

Don’t worry. I don’t plan to fail NaBloPoMo either. I am going to plan lots of blog posts before I go just in case I am not able to blog while I’m there. You’ve got to love WordPress and scheduled posts. If I am able to blog, I will do so but if I’m not able to, I’ll have a backup plan. Of course when I get back I’ll have lots to talk about! I am definitely going to take my camera with me. I will also be shown the house that Josh and I will be renting starting in January which I am excited about. I have only seen the outside of it so far.

I am very lucky that I was able to get the week off work at the supermarket dairy. I even was able to get some paid time that I had accrued. Not only that, but the school is paying me for the week to go down there! Everyone is paying me! It’s going to be an amazing week. Now I just have to get through this week first. Why does time always drag when you’ve got something you’re really looking forward to?

I have decided to take part in a 30 Day Meme challenge over at Bliss MB. I have never done a 30 Day Meme before so I thought it would be fun to try and do one of these. I hope you enjoy. I am going to make it as interesting as possible. April would have been an otherwise uneventful month, anyway. Enjoy!

[box type=”shadow”]What part of your life right now do you want to improve? What kinds of improvements?[/box]

There are actually a couple of aspects of my life that I want to improve and I have actually been trying to improve them recently. The two most important of these are my weight and my outlook on life.

As for my weight, I am sure that if you are a regular blog reader of mine you know that I have been working hard to improve this aspect of my life. I am nearly halfway to my overall weight loss goal of 80 pounds, having lost nearly 40 pounds since November of last year. I have been counting my calories over at MyFitnessPal and I have been exercising more and more, especially recently with my newfound love of spinning. I know that I am going to reach my goal. It is only a matter of time. I can already see and feel a huge difference. I saw my collarbone the other day in the mirror and screamed with joy! It’s little things like that you don’t realize can mean so much.

P1030897 :)

My outlook on life is the other thing I have been working hard to change. It is more of a personal thing but in a nutshell it focuses on being more optimistic and forgiving and more confident. I want to be who I want to be and not worry so much about the future or the past. It is an ongoing process but one that will be and has recently been extremely rewarding.

New Haircut!!

My hair has gotten quite long lately. It definitely wasn’t as long as the last time I cut my hair, but it was definitely getting there.

I had planned to cut my hair as a reward for reaching my halfway point on my weight loss journey. My overall goal is to lose 80 pounds so that means I was planning to get my haircut at 40 pounds lost. Now, if you have been following my progress over at caityfit.com, you’ll know that I’m still about a pound away from this milestone. However, I do have a reason for jumping to get my haircut early!

A family friend of ours is currently trying to get a job at a local beauty salon and needed to do a demo haircut for the manager of the salon. She needed someone to do this haircut on! I volunteered. I figured I was going to get a haircut anyway and what better opportunity than to help out a friend? Plus, she does a fantastic job cutting hair. It was a win win situation for everyone!

New Haircut!!

New Haircut!!

New Haircut!!

New Haircut!!

I hope to reach my goal this week or next week, anyway!

I was informed the other day by my mother that I haven’t blogged in a while. We can’t have an upset mother due to my lack of blogging, can we?

My life is a bit boring at the moment being that I don’t really know anyone here and I don’t have a job yet (but I’m working on that). My days have been filled with going for walks, cleaning up around here, and playing video games. I do a few other things but that’s what takes up the most time. Basically, I live a pretty boring existence at the moment. I keep myself busy but I am really just at the point where I can’t wait to have a job. Lately I’ve even been craving some schoolwork. I’ve been done with college for over 3 years now and I have this incredibly urge to do math problems. I guess that’s a nerd for you.

That being said, I have had some pretty neat things going on.

Our dinner. Crayfish!
Josh got some crayfish from his friend at work. This is probably almost $100 worth of crayfish and he got it for free. We certainly are lucky. Josh and I and another guy who lives here with us thoroughly enjoyed our yummy seafood. I was surprised at how much meat was in a crayfish compared to a lobster. I showed my dad, who is a fisherman and a lover of seafood, and then I felt bad because he has been craving some lobster.

365 [Day 15]
Speaking of my family, I got a New Year’s package from them this past weekend. There were 2 photo frames: one from my sister and one from my parents. The sisters frame meant a lot to me because I do miss my little sister. It was the perfect frame for us because since we are both adopted, we are not related by birth but we are sisters at heart. The other frame contained photos of my parents and sister from their last vacation to Disney. They also sent a Long Island calendar (which is hanging next to my computer) and two more pairs of jeans for me.

I am quite surprised at how much fuller (corrected by my mother from my adjective, fatter) my face is in the photo with my sister. It shows how far I have come already in my weight loss at almost 25 pounds lost. I have been tracking my calories and going for my walks for a few months now and it has, for the most part, paid off. I have been having a bit of a rough time lately keeping up with it and in the past few days after realizing I had just maintained my weight for the past few weeks I decided I needed to refocus and get more serious again. It has worked so far. I love how determined I am to lose weight right now. I hope this feeling and determination doesn’t go away. I have the friends I have made at MFP to thank for most of this.

Off to eat the 60 calorie fruit pop Josh brought home for me and enjoy the afternoon. :)

I decided to sign up for DailyBooth again. I thought it would be fun since I got myself a little webcam to document how I look every day over the course of a year or so. It might be fun to see how I look as I am losing weight.

You should add me if you have a Daily Booth too! :)

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