I’ve been busy this week getting ready for the start of the new school year which starts next week. A lot of my time has been spent looking at math related things and decorating my classroom however I am making sure that I still make room for other interests this year. Maybe this week’s Friday Five will give you some insight on some of my upcoming project ideas!

    5 cool things I found on Pinterest this week

  1. Decorating snail mail envelopes
  2. 10 Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipes
  3. Mason jar herb garden
  4. Washi Tape iPhone Cover
  5. Recipe Binder printable sheets

    5 things I bought this week

  1. this new purse
  2. craploads of office supplies
  3. a whole bunch of pens because I must have all the pens
  4. a hole puncher for my Filofax planner (more to come about this)
  5. a whole bunch of pink hemp string and beads from Hemp Craft to make 100 Bracelets for Relay For Life

    5 things I am looking forward to next week

  1. the start of the new school year
  2. finding out who is in my classes (hey, all teachers want to know!)
  3. all the regular instructors are back at the gym
  4. my meal planning
  5. hopefully my Erin Condren teacher planner finally arriving (or I will either be sad or angry – I haven’t decided yet)

    5 things I ate this week

  1. smoothies
  2. peanut butter and bananas on toast
  3. crock pot tomato soup again because Josh love it
  4. steak fajitas
  5. pasta e fagioli

    5 random thoughts

  1. I like rainbows
  2. I need more fonts on my computer
  3. I’m thinking of buying a tablet but I might wait another year
  4. I wish Josh would stop eating a kilo of cherries every day because it stinks in here
  5. I wish we would get some nice weather because this has been the crappiest summer ever.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and melancholy thinking lately (I guess that’s what January does to you). I’ve been looking at old blog posts and thinking about years past.

It got me thinking about the fact that I’ve been on Facebook for nearly 9 years. Wow, that’s quite sad. I looked back on some of the statuses I have written and it gave me quite a laugh. I thought I would share this with you by looking at the same day in all the years I have been on Facebook. (If I didn’t update on that day, I just picked the nearest day.)

I present to you: January 21st Facebook posts through the years.

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