I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and melancholy thinking lately (I guess that’s what January does to you). I’ve been looking at old blog posts and thinking about years past.

It got me thinking about the fact that I’ve been on Facebook for nearly 9 years. Wow, that’s quite sad. I looked back on some of the statuses I have written and it gave me quite a laugh. I thought I would share this with you by looking at the same day in all the years I have been on Facebook. (If I didn’t update on that day, I just picked the nearest day.)

I present to you: January 21st Facebook posts through the years.

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There are less than two weeks until the madness of the new school year starts here in New Zealand. I really like how the new school year starts with the new year here. It’s just a fresh start in all aspects of life.

I have been doing some lesson planning for next year since I plan to be trying out some different things in my curriculum this year such as interactive notebooks in my junior classes. I have also been working on decorating my classroom. It is not really something that a lot of high school teachers do a lot of but I enjoy it and I always feel happier in my environment after I have decorated it and made it look nicer. If I feel happier then I like to think that my students feel happier too.


Last year, I started to organize my side board into little boxes with categories. I had quote of the day and a box for each class’s homework which is pretty standard. I also tried something new last year which was having a section called Mathemagicians for each class. I would put up names of students who had gone the extra mile and asked thought provoking questions or completed their homework to a high standard. I liked having sections for my board last year since the previous year I didn’t use the middle part of my board at all and it just ended up being unused.

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This week has been ridiculously busy. I was away all week at a Math Writing Camp in Auckland where I had the privilege of writing math exams for next year. It was heaps of fun and I learned so much. I stayed in the student accommodation at the university where we were working. Little did I know an entire week would just flash by and I’d be sitting here writing another Friday Five.

    5 things I enjoyed this week

  1. Writing the math exams
  2. Being fed 5 meals a day (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner)
  3. Chocolate peppermint ice cream from the dairy
  4. Flow the iphone app
  5. Finally recieving my Filofax planner (still waiting for my Erin Condren one)

    5 things I did not enjoy this week

  1. The pens I want to use bleed through the pages in my Filofax.
  2. My flight being deterred to Nelson and having a 4 hour shuttle bus ride to get home
  3. Being fed 5 meals a day because my stomach hurts
  4. The bed in my accommodation – how do you go from a double king to single? You don’t.
  5. Only half of my teaching supplies got here and the rest is on backorder.

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