I got an email the other day asking if I wanted to renew caity.nu for another 2 years. I pondered it for a while because I haven’t blogged for quite some time but then obviously I renewed it. I just couldn’t let it go yet. Now here I am.

I have been fighting with WordPress for months and then just giving up, making excuses and not finding the time to fix it properly and get back into the swing of blogging. Despite various people’s prodding and reminding me that I have a blog I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’d like to, though.

Most of my life is generally the same. One thing is incredibly different but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. Maybe I never will. I guess in some way just by saying these few sentences I have talked about it. But life is good. Mostly I just love my job so much. I never knew that teaching could be so incredible.

One of my goals this year is to organise my life. I have started to do this in a variety of ways. One of these ways is by using a Filofax planner.

I have always been obsessed with planners. I used a paper planner all through school and college to keep myself on track. Colour coding and to-do lists have always been a part of me and I wanted to take it one step further.

I bought myself a black personal metropol planner.

Right after I purchased it, I started to panic. I realised that I was becoming obsessed. Browsing filofax blogs. Pinning multitudes of filofax pins to my newly created filofax boards. Following filofax instagram accounts. I was going to become one of those insane planner people who was going to have weekly themes and colour codes and categories for everything. I was slowly going to sink so much money into this little book buying washi tapes and custom pages and special pens and stickers. Is a new obsession and money-sink what I really wanted?



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The last time I spoke about the Super Bowl, I didn’t have much to say about it other than I wasn’t all that interested. For the past 2 years I have lived in New Zealand, I really didn’t get involved at all. This year, I must admit that I started to miss it just like I’ve been missing quite a few American things lately which I normally wouldn’t be all that excited about.

So this year I went to a friend’s house who was having a Super Bowl party and watched the game. I must admit that I was rooting for Denver so I spent a majority of the game being angry. I was disappointed that the game I finally chose to watch was overall a pretty boring game, especially for a Super Bowl.

My favourite part? Renee Fleming.
She pretty much won the Super Bowl.

I texted my dad asking what he thought.
His response? “You’re better.”
Not true but still adorable.

My friends and I all were pretty shattered by half time. We were not expecting much from the half time show because… was Bruno Mars going to sing us a lullaby and calm us all down or something? I must admit I was actually pretty impressed. That could be because my expectations were low, though.

This was probably my favourite tweet of the day. We proceeded to sing the song every time the Broncos gave up the ball. This was unfortunately a lot.

I am glad that I watched the Super Bowl. Everyone also loved the nachos that I made.

Tomorrow the students start school. So far it has only been staff meetings and department meetings. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Come at me, 2014! I’m ready for you!