If you know anything about me at all, you will know these two things:
I love my job.
I really like math.

My students would know that I am passionate about maths and teaching when I jump up and down in front of them being wholeheartedly excited about statistics. My colleagues would know the same when I am absolutely ecstatic about the fact that I felt like I finally was able to get one of my students to be excited about algebra or achieve higher in maths than they ever thought possible.

An opportunity came up recently where the Head of Mathematics position at my school became vacant. I figured I would apply even though positions like these usually go to people with a bit more experience than me.

There were other applications. There was a formal interview process. It was all rather serious. But I prepared for my interview and made a new CV for the occasion. You’ve got to be in it to win it and if you’re going for it, you should give it all you’ve got.

So worth it.
It’s always worth it.

Say hello to the new Head of Mathematics, starting in 2015!


I have been super stressed out lately. Term 3 is always a really stressful one and this is my third Term 3. I can’t believe this is my third year teaching in New Zealand already. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I have two weeks’ holiday now. I am going on a conference in Wellington the first week. While I’m up there I will be seeing some friends who have moved away and hopefully Josh’s family, as well. There is a chance I could be an auntie during these holidays, too. I’m super excited. I will have to make more trips to Wellington as I will have a little baby to spoil. I have already started sending presents. I went up for the baby shower a few weeks ago.

Thanks for all the support on the poem in my last post. Perhaps I will write some more soon.

Shadows dance on the wall playing tricks on my eyes
While seemingly plotting my impending demise
The face in the mirror seems like a disguise
I feel like a walking facade of bad lies

I shouldn’t write poetry in the middle of the night.