Melissa gave me an award! I am so honored!

The Geek Girls Unite Award!
[For girls who are proud to be geeks.]
[Isn't it awesome? And SPARKLY?]

And here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and…
Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!
That’s all you need to do!

    10 Geeky Facts About Caity

  1. I use digg as my primary news source. I have been a member of the site since 2005 when it first opened as Kevin Rose’s precious new pet as I watched him promote it after gaining my girl crush for him on The Screen Savers, the coolest TV show ever. Who remembers Tech TV? I miss it dearly for it isn’t what it was. G4, I hate you.
  2. I have various awesome geeky tshirts including ones that include but are not limited to: “I’m a super duper programmer,” “Nintendo,” “I steal music off the internet,” and my ever coveted World of Warcraft green linen shirt.
  3. Coupled with my awesome tshirts, I have a bumper sticker that says, “I steal music off the internet.”
  4. I did extra credit in school for FUN and drove my teachers nuts when I already had straight A’s. What’s geekier than that? I also carried around a pencil case full of about 30-50 pens, insisting I needed them all with me at all times in case I needed them, and color coded my notes.
  5. I own a brand new Amazon Kindle which I received for my birthday. Within my first day, I downloaded over 70 books I wanted to read. I have read three large books already. I’m already planning more books to put on my Kindle. MUST. DEVOUR. EVERY. BOOK. EVER. WRITTEN. My birthday was only 10 days ago.
  6. World of Warcraft stole my soul for over 3 years. I had a max level character of every class. Also, I met my husband playing World of Warcraft. That’s some geekery right there. At least we didn’t have a World of Warcraft wedding. We don’t play anymore, either.
  7. We named our cat after Josh’s World of Warcraft character.
  8. I double majored in math and computer science and love calculus.
  9. I subscribe to so many RSS feeds that there are almost 100 waiting for me each day now. Those are only the personal blogs, too.
  10. I am addicted to lists and have 3 little moleskine journals in my purse where I make lists for different occasions, a lot of which are for my little online things. This list also brought me great joy.

I shall give this award to Dez! :)