I had a pretty awesome day today! However, my mind is only working in tiny little snippets so I’m going to make a little list of thoughts since that is how I’m functioning. Enjoy!

  • I cantor (lead the song) at Mass. Today at Church a woman came up to me after Mass and told me that the sound of my voice reminded her of Heaven. I know that she meant well and it was such a nice compliment but I just wanted to blurt out, “Oh really? Have you been there? What’s it like?” Instead I just pointed to the organist and complimented her because my organist is incredibly talented and I love her.
  • Josh and I went to go see Shutter Island tonight and I loved it. I won’t spoil it, but for those who have seen it… HOW AWESOME WAS THE VERY END, HUH? Please tell me that you understood the last minute of the movie. Some people I spoke to didn’t and it made me facepalm. You know… smack the palm of my hand right into my face in frustration.
  • I called my mother today to talk to her and she was busy and couldn’t talk to me. It’s funny because I never call her and she ALWAYS wants to talk to me. Oh the irony. I just stared at the phone thinking to myself… “Did that really happen?” I really wanted to talk to my Mom, damn it!
  • Is it bad that I have a list of 10 blog posts that I want to write already in my head?

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  • Wow, I called my dad today as we haven’t spoken in weeks and just like your mom he’s always calling me but he didn’t pick up so I left a message. I haven’t heard back from him which is weird. Must be something in the air. :rofl:

  • I wish I had a list of 10 blog posts I wanted to write in my head!!!

    Shutter Island was brilliant. I think the ending was what actually made the movie though! :P

  • I saw the movie and loved it. It was pretty kickass I must say so myself. I loved the plot twist.

  • I’ve been thinking of seeing Shutter Island. You just convinced me. :D

    10 blog posts lined up? I wish I had that much ideas. I don’t even know what I’m going to blog about next, haha. :)

  • Hahaa, if i were you I would’ve totally blurted out that rudeness to the woman! I can’t help it, i always do things like that ><
    As for shutter island – I haven't seen it yet but i really really want to! In taiwan the trailer for it was on tv during EVERY ad break, it was frustrating me that i still havent seen it. Although I already have the movie ruined for me… which kinda sucks.

  • Oooh glad you liked Shutter Island, I’ve really been wanting to see that!

  • I was really hesitant to see Shutter Island because I didn’t want to see Hollywood mess up another ending (My Sister’s Keeper style). But Andrew and I went to see it, and I was so happy they kept the ending in the book. I think Lehane is pretty strict, just like Gone Baby Gone they stuck close to the story and did the ending perfectly.

    There were only three other people in the theater with us, and as the movie ended they were confused, so Andrew and I had explained it to them… for about 15 minutes.

  • Yay snippets!!!

    Lol, that’s nice of her to say you sound Heavenly =) I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Shutter Island so now I want to see it! Yeah, I call my Mom and a lot of the time she has company and I REALLY want to talk to her right then lol

  • That’s awesome of the lady to compliment your voice like that! I probably would have thought of the same question too ;)

    I can’t see Shutter Island yet because my friend wants me to wait and see it with him but I’m glad it’s getting good reviews!

  • If someone ever told me my voice reminded them of Heaven I think I’d die and go there.

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