I’m sure that most of us have a memory of a favourite baked good, maybe made by our mothers or grandmothers, that will stick with us forever. One of those fond baked memories for me is my Grandmother’s Snickerdoodles. Today I was home alone (Josh and my mother in law are at work) and I started feeling a bit nostalgic. I thought about my Grandmother’s Snickerdoodles and said to myself, “Man, if I had those Snickerdoodles I bet I would feel a lot better.” Then I realized, “HEY! I can make my OWN Snickerdoodles!”

You should be laughing right now.

I ran to my friend Google and found a snickerdoodle recipe. They looked exactly like my Grandmother’s Snickerdoodles and my excitement grew. Luckily, my mother in law bakes quite a bit so I found everything that I needed in her cupboards and cabinets.

That’s when it went downhill.

What I learned from making Snickerdoodles:

  • A chunk of butter right out of the refrigerator is not an easy thing to whisk. Or mash with a potato masher. Or try to use your eggbeater on. When you get frustrated and mix it with your hands, it makes your hands gross and greasy.
  • Eggbeaters are harder to control than they look.
  • 350°F is NOT the same thing as 350°C. New Zealand uses Celsius. Get used to it, Caity.
  • Little pieces of egg shell are really hard to get out of your batter once they accidentally fall in.
  • Remember that the inside of the stove is hot. At least I know how to treat a burn.
  • Caity’s Snickerdoodles do not taste like Caity’s Grandmother’s Snickerdoodles. Cakey Snickerdoodles are no match for crunchy ones.

My fail Snickerdoodles.

At least I have Snickerdoodles.

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  • The oven in this flat is in °F so when we first moved in and a recipe in my Kiwi cookbooks called for something to be cooked at 180°C, I had to think very carefully about it or I’d end up with rather undercooked baked goods! But now, because most things require 180°C/350°F, I usually just turn the dial to the specific spot I always do and not have to think about it. :)

    I’ve never had a snickerdoodle, so I might make a batch myself if I ever get this assignment I’m working on done. There’s nothing like the idea of sweet treats to get me motivated. :P

  • Lol Awwww, I’m sorry they didn’t turn out. You’ll have to have your mom email you the right recipe!! :O

  • I haven’t had a good Snickerdoodle in ages. What I’d give for a few chewy pieces that used to be sold in the snack store at my high school. Unfortunately, they’ve long stopped selling them and I graduated high school eight years ago.

    Sorry to hear about the baking mishap. I think the thing with baking is that it involves trial and error. Also, I feel that the internet offers quite a number of varying Snickerdoodle recipes that cater to various tastes. Perhaps it’ll take a few more tries before it resembles or is exactly like your grandmother’s recipe. That, or you can email your mother for it. That’s always easier. =)

    Good luck on the future Snickerdoodle baking attempts!

  • Practise makes perfect, and you’ve at least learned a few lessons that’s good to have later on! AND you have snickerdoodles :)

  • I’ve never had Snickerdoodles, but thank you for linking to the recipe! :) It looks like something I’d like, so I might try making it some time. I’m sorry yours didn’t turn out that great. But when it comes to cooking, we learn! I’m sure they will come out better next time. You gave it a go, after all.

    I hate peeling hard-boiled eggs because sometimes little bits of eggshell stay on the egg… it’s hard to pick off – and obviously worse in the batter! D:

  • Oh muffin! Keep at it – you’ll keep learning lessons and get better and better at baking and cooking. And it’s good to keep busy during the day!

    They look yummy though, right? That has to count for something!

  • Your cookies LOOK just like Grandma’s! Sorry they didn’t taste like them. I’m going to call Grandma today and get her recipe for you. Then I’ll email it to you. (Grandma will be very flattered!) ~ Hope you find a job soon so you don’t have to hang out at home alone and get bored! ~ I love you. ~ Love, Mom xoxo

  • They look scrumptious! Celsius confuses me, it just makes way too much sense. Kind of like the metric system. All that logic!

  • That’s right! You’re from NZ… Why did you move to New Zealand? o.o

    My mom makes the best Snickerdoodles<3 Haha.

    6birds.net… Ah, 6bird.net was taken. I figured it'd make a great typo? LOL. I wanted 3birds.net, but it was taken. 9birds.net just … wasn't for me. Then somehow I decided on 6birds.net? xD

  • Yum, you need to send me some! I love snickerdoodles with a big cup of coffee!

  • OMG! I love snickerdoodles! Okay, confession – I love any type of cookie. :D I had to smile to myself when I read what you learned. It’s funny to think that every single thing we do is a learning experience – I think that we forget this as we get older. As for the inside of the stove being hot, ouch! I hope that you are okay. I’ve burnt myself the same way – and we have an electric stove. :( It’s also weird how nothing that we make taste the same as we remembered from childhood. I wonder why that is?!

  • I tried to make Snickerdoodles before and they sucked. Big time. Now I cheat and buy them at mall cookie places.

  • I’ve never had a snickerdoodle before. I might have to try making them, since I love baking.

    I’m from Canada and although we measure temperature in celcius, we bake in fahrenheit. VERY WEIRD. :P

  • practice makes perfect :)

  • 1. I’m very jealous that you moved to NZ. 2. I would have just as hard of a time converting to Celsius, and considering I’m not the best at baking in the first place… it would probably be rather dangerous to have me around a stove. 3. You made me laugh. :D

  • Those look quite nice, you didn’t even burn them.And perhaps next time they taste just as good as your granny’s. :D Baking is bit tricky sometimes.

  • It was a good attempt! I’ve been craving baked goods, too … my blog is half about my baking (and the other half about pregnancy, IF, and cooking) … and I feel like I’ve neglected my better half! Thanks for the reminder to get back into the oven. :) Happy ICLW!

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