One of my goals this year is to organise my life. I have started to do this in a variety of ways. One of these ways is by using a Filofax planner.

I have always been obsessed with planners. I used a paper planner all through school and college to keep myself on track. Colour coding and to-do lists have always been a part of me and I wanted to take it one step further.

I bought myself a black personal metropol planner.

Right after I purchased it, I started to panic. I realised that I was becoming obsessed. Browsing filofax blogs. Pinning multitudes of filofax pins to my newly created filofax boards. Following filofax instagram accounts. I was going to become one of those insane planner people who was going to have weekly themes and colour codes and categories for everything. I was slowly going to sink so much money into this little book buying washi tapes and custom pages and special pens and stickers. Is a new obsession and money-sink what I really wanted?



A friend of mine, Carla saw me rambling on Twitter about how I needed ALL THE WASHI TAPES one day and she suggested that we do a mail swap. She would send me some washi tapes and I could send her some things from New Zealand. I won’t say here what I sent her way because she has not received it yet but all I can say is WASHI TAPES!!!


She sent me all but two of the washi tapes that I already owned plus the beautiful box that I am keeping them in now. I have so much washi taping ahead of me for my filofax and perhaps some other projects which I may share with you soon.

This week, I have gone with a red theme for Valentine’s Day instead of my usual colour coding like in previous weeks (see the first picture). I’m not sure which I like better – coding for different types of events or having one colour theme for the week. Maybe it will depend on the washi tapes. I am still trying to test it all out to see what works for me.


The next thing I’d like to do with my Filofax is develop more sections for meal plans, blogging, and a to-do list. I want to make custom dividers for these. Stay tuned for more filofax goodness! My Erin Condren teacher planner should also be arriving this week.

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  • I always like the idea of this. In 2009 I kept a Moleskine planner from January until about August and it was really nicely illustrated and stuff. Last year I kept a Q&A journal until about August as well. Basically I can’t usually keep a yearly thing going for longer than 8 months. I decided to get back on it and bought a mini Filofax in December… it’s been sitting in my handbag, untouched, ever since! I’m a bit better at just tapping things into my phone, but only just. Sigh.

    I don’t really understand what the washi tapes are for but they look really bright and cute, yay! :D

    • I used to buy paper planners, but I never managed to write one from the first to the last day of the year (unlike when I was in high school). I actually prefer Google Calendar and the bulletin board I have at home (I also decorated it with polymer clay biscuits made by me LOL).

  • I always kept an organiser too but this year I splurged and bought myself a leather one I never realised you could personalise them even more with wasi tapes etc, I think I need to go in pinterest and instagram stat!

  • I always loved the idea of having a planner but find that I don’t actually use them when I buy them, lol. It makes me sad because I’d love to be one of those awesome people who has a super customized and personalized planner but I realize I just never will be. :P

  • Haha, there is nothing wrong with being organized! I love that this is your new obsession. Plus is keeps your life in perfect order and it also makes it so pretty!! Yay. I love that you had an exchange with someone too. It gives you the chance to have different and interesting things.

  • This reminds me of a MODERN version of what Mrs. Filippelli used to do!

  • As long as you are using it, your planner is worth it! :)

  • I dreaded the idea of keeping a planner because we students were forced to write everything down at my middle school. As soon as I hit high school, I let my freedom take over and jotted things down whenever it was necessary. Same principle in college, I only jotted a few necessary notes such as deadlines. That was it.

    I think now, I should get back on using one to take good note of my workout regimen and the food I eat. Perhaps I should get a Filofax? Hmm, another noteworthy brand. :D

  • I should get myself a planner… but I use my notebooks instead. My planners always get lost somehow. It’s only a good thing you’re being organized ;)

  • Okay, I’m jealous, but resigned to my jealousy. I tried, but I can never get this organized. I start out with good plans, but my follow-through leaves a lot to be desired.

    I was fascinated by the tape as I’d never heard of washi tapes, but I liked that you showed how they can be used.

    You can tell you’ve settled into New Zealand with your Monday entry, “Baking for morning tea.” I loved it:~)

    Have fun with your planner and your washi tapes. Oh, I my favorite washi tape was the retro ’70’s green peace symbols…:~)

    G’day to you, Caity:~)

  • I love seeing how other people organize their planners. I’m an Erin Condren convert. I used to use a simple At a Glance planner, but I liked having some extra space. You have lovely handwriting by the way. :)

  • Ahh I need to get one of those!! I have been wanting to get more organized for a long time. Now that my son is here, I definitely need a planner. Between both of our doctor’s appointments and everything else going on, it’d be so handy. I looove the idea of decorating it with washi tape. I’ve heard such great things about it but I haven’t tried working with it yet. I definitely need to get some!

  • I am jealous of your organization skills. I don’t do well with planner commitments. I try to be organized but it’s not in my blood.

  • That’s awesome that you’ve started this obsession which will hopefully help you be and stay organised! I need to stop being so torn between my digital (phone/laptop) calendar and my paper one… it’s hard to keep both up, but i kinda love having both.

  • I always wanted a Filofax…. I love the way you use yours! those tapes are soo cute!

  • Could you please send me some of this organisation! I really wish I could be organised like that, but sadly it never lasts long. I am envious of people like you who can actually carry this on for more than a week/month. How do you do it? I think I may need to force myself to start being more organised.

  • When I was in high school, I was obsessed with Filofax planners. I would always buy blank ones, or ones with nice coloured covers, and then fill them up with pretty papers, stickers, and those photobooth stickers that you can design on the spot with your friends. Or I’d pain the cover with acrylic. Had washi tapes been popular in the late in the early 2000’s, I probably would have never seen the sun in high school!

    I hope your planner has done a lot of good in the way that you schedule your day-to-day tasks. It’s always more beneficial when you’re both organised and enjoying the process.

  • I am bad at keeping planners although I wish I wasn’t. I usually use planners during the first three months of the year and then it falters after that. This year I gave up altogether and just use a random planner I got for free from the local pharmacy.

    I looooove the washi tapes tho! Hope you can share random snapshots of your FiloFax planner. :)

  • I completely understand your obsession with this – I recently bought myself a year planner diary to organise my life and I constantly feel the need to colour code everything and put big red stars next to things that clash. It just makes me feel like I’m in so much more control of my life (when in reality I’m probably just as all over the place as ever, but less stressed!) and stops me constantly double booking myself for several things at the same time.
    I also just got super excited when I read your bio at the side and realised your a high school maths teacher – It’s rare you find someone online who also (I assume – correct me if I’m wrong?) actually likes maths! :)

  • Every year, I buy a planner fully intending to use it properly, and every year, it sits in a basket or under my bed, or somewheres, dust and not being used. :( I tell myself that it’s because my life is boring, dull, and that I really don’t need a planner…but is it really? I’m glad that you are enjoying your planner, and I love Erin Condren planners. They are like the holy grail of planners. :D

  • I was one of those people who used to have a terrible habit of buying planners at the start of the year without actually putting the effort into using them.

    Now that I’m in college though, I guess I realized I needed it, and now bring it everywhere! I write everything in it now – probably more than I need to – and even bought different colored pens and post-its for me to use with it, after realizing my obsession.

    I don’t think they sell Filofaxes where I live, unfortunately. It’s great having a planner though just because of the feeling of control it gives. :D

  • I always buy planners (and get excited about them), but don’t know if I could ever commit to a Filofax. Though this blog entry has persuaded me otherwise. Can you add sections for what you want in?? Wow, this is exciting.

    I love Washi tapes. I have a couple and they’re just lovely for decorating anything.

  • I can totally see myself getting obsessed with that. Planners and Washi tape. I would get into it if I had the money.

  • I love the idea of a planner but I’m so anti-writing that I wonder if I’d ever end up using it. I *DO* really love the Erin Condren planners though – so PURDY!

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