One of my coworkers won a million dollars playing lotto at our store last month. Of course everyone’s first instinct is to complain saying “I wish it would have been me” but of course half of them don’t play. I don’t think anyone is entitled to complain about not winning the lotto if they don’t even play. Maybe I should start telling them all that I wish someone would just walk up to me and hand me a million for doing nothing at all because at least that makes more sense.

Instant Kiwi

I bought a lotto ticket the other day. It looked a lot like this one, being a losing ticket and all, so I will borrow someone else’s lovely photo from Flickr. I should have known I would lose anyway. The odds of someone winning the lotto are slim to none. What are the odds of two people winning the lotto from the same place? I don’t think it would be very good, if I had to guess. Playing the lotto is fun, though.

In New Zealand, they only have the big lotto drawing once a week. That’s pretty different to me being that in New York it’s every day and the jackpots are even bigger – and that’s just one state compared to an entire country. (Yes, yes, I know New York is huge but I’m just noticing more differences and musing about them.) It costs a lot more for a weekly drawing here, too. I guess I won’t be gambling on lotto tickets very much.

They have really funny commercials, though. This one is my favourite.

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  • I’m fairly certain that I am going to win the lottery and retire at a young age. Of course, I don’t play the lottery, but I’m not going to let that stop me! :P

  • Holy WOW. Congratulations to that coworker of yours. That is so lucky of him!

    My mum and dad have bought lottery tickets and scratchies on several occasions. We’ve probably won $50 at the most. XD I have to admit, the whole thing looks very addicting.

    I might buy a few lottery tickets when I’m older. You never know how lucky you can get. XDDD

  • I never win anything, but I still roll in my lottery ticket for the weekly draw. :) It’s fun! Congrats to your co-worker!

    That commercial is funny. :D Finnish commercials are always so dull and bland and depressing, it’s refreshing to see people still having a sense of humor when it comes to advertising. :)

  • I think everyone dreams of winning the lotto. I know that I sure do.

    I find overseas commercials amusing. Especially because I love accents!

  • Such a funny commercial! Only in my dreams am I winning the lottery. It’s a fun dream to dream though :)

  • WOW that’s awesome about your coworker! It’s hard for me to even imagine what that amount of money looks like.

    This reminds me of one of my coworkers too. She won the Kentucky lottery about a year ago…no where near a million dollars, but I want to say it was around $50,000 or so. I just remember she didn’t really think it was a big deal. I mean, she was really happy and grateful and all that, but she kept her job as a gas station cashier and bought herself a car. Not even a NEW car, either, just a used car that was in good shape. I thought it was cool that she didn’t let it get to her head or anything. :)

    Also on topic, Josh has told me stories from when he worked at a gas station several years ago, some people would come in EVERY SINGLE DAY and buy at least $100 in lottery tickets, then they might would ‘win’ $25 from one of the tickets and be thrilled. They saw it as “I won $25 from this ticket” instead of “I’m still in the hole $75” lol. People can be weird about the lottery.

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