I recently saw someone post on Facebook about how they were enjoying a new project they had started called the 5 Year Diary. It is exactly that – a diary that you keep for 5 years. I just had to get one for myself.


Each page has a date on it and room for 5 year’s worth of entries for that date. It is meant for a short summary of that day. Only 6 lines of writing makes me keep the events of my day to short and sweet little bits. It doesn’t take long to do and it is such a great keepsake to have. It will be interesting in the years to come to see what I had written on that same date in previous years.

I was going to wait to start mine on January 1 this year but when it arrived I just couldn’t wait and started writing in it. Mine starts on Halloween.


You can get one here.

Do you keep a written journal?

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  • I have one of those. I stuck with it for awhile, but now its collecting dust. However, I still have a regular journal I write in every so often.

  • Oh that is going to be so amazing to read in 5 years!! To see how your life has changed will be the coolest part. Great idea. I just don’t know if I would actually have the patience to write everyday for 5 years. That is a BIG commitment!!

  • That is an interesting journal. If only I had a life enough to fill that up. I have a diary right now that I write the date and time that I started writing and ended writing. (: it is just a basic binder that I drew on to make my own. I love it so much since it is a binder. Can add more pages or remove pages if I want.

    That is interesting though.

  • That is an awesome idea!!! I’ve been wanting to start a diary, just so when I’m gone my son can look back and read about my [boring] life. I definitely might do this!!

  • I ordered the Line a Day for 5 years journal from Amazon earlier this month. I think to myself one line a day shouldn’t be hard and I like the simple idea behind it. So, cross fingers that we can do it. lol

  • That’s clever! It reminds of my 5-year Q&A journal.

  • That’s pretty awesome! I think I’ll wait until after I join the military and start recording my life there, which won’t happen until 2016 at the earliest [assuming I get in]. Of course, I may have to order one because there’s no guarantee that it’ll still be in stock by that time? xD Sounds like a neat idea though. :)

  • Hey, Caitlin . . . here’s a real silly question . . . how did I get to this “site” or WHATEVER it is called??? I’m reading all sorts of posts you wrote. This isn’t your blog, is it? If it is – I don’t know how I got here!?!? I was reading your FACEBOOK posts and all of a sudden BOOM this “site” came up? (Where am I?) The bigger question is . . . if I click off this “site” will I ever be able to get BACK to it to read your response?!?!? AGHHHHHHH!

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