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  • I think you’re right! A kick boxing class would probably be more enjoyable for you! However, I have to say . . . Dad and I got a real kick out of how funny you were when you came in from Zumba class tonight. You looked like you definitely had a real workout and were hysterical when you described the class! Wish I could have been there to see it! ~ lol ~ Love, Mom

  • That face! I had to come out of comment hiding for this post — I love to dance and still couldn’t get behind Zumba! Everyone was like YOU WILL LOVE IT YOU WILL LOVE IT and I tried it and thought “my friends are trying to kill me.”

    Here’s to better luck next time with trying new things :)

  • Is it wrong that the face that you’re making made me smile…? :)

    Kick boxing is fun, just in case you wanted to find something new to try… It helps when your friend/partner isn’t able to physically overpower you, lol.

  • I love your face! I’ve never tried zumba but I’ve seen it and it just looks exhausting. Not just because of the movements, but I couldn’t do that without laughing at myself. Especially if I was surrounded by mirrors.

  • Now I hate Zumba too, and I have no idea what it is!! And I really don’t think I wanna find out.



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