Lately, I have been considering adding a weekly meme or two to but I am not going to do it if nobody is going to enjoy them. That being said, I wanted to ask your opinion on weekly memes. Do you enjoy them? What are some of your favorites that you see on other people’s blogs? What do you think would be a good one for me to participate in?

In other words, today was my first day back to work after Spring Break and I’m absolutely exhausted.

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  • I wish I still had Spring Breeaaaakkkkk!

  • I really don’t see much meme-ing going on these days

  • I think they can be fun if they’re done well. I’m starting one on Wednesdays that I’m really excited about.

  • I enjoy the Thursday Thirteen. Otherwise I don’t see much of it anymore.

  • I’ve tried that too a couple of times, it never sticks! I think, if you do, you have to be quite original :)

    Humor is always a way to start ( :

  • My Spring Break was lost this year in a whirlwind of rehearsals and event planning.

    At least I’ll have a nice, long break this summer!

    As for memes. There are a few cool ones around. I think Not me! Monday is sometimes fun but a little too…ubiquitous? My friend Misty does iLove Tunes Tuesdays at And then there’s my Confession Wednesdays every week.

    I think one weekly meme is cool. More than that is just overkill.

  • Being a large stalker of yours I will read them. :p I enjoy learning things about the people whos blogs I read. Spesh if they are humourous (exuse my spelling, but I’m typing this on FeedDemon which has no spell checker and I suck at spelling all on my own)

    I want to do TMI Tuesday, but it’s very… TMI.. But I’ve decided to be “Open” in my blogs I write from now on. Honest and all. But noone I know IRL reads my blogs so it doesn’t really matter for me.

    ahh I need a break. You are lucky. I stop working on the 12th of May until I find another job. ARGH.

  • Just found you pretty blog and this entry made me think. Made me realise that I’d love some kind of meme for my blog as well :)

  • I like memes as long as a site isn’t too overloaded with them. I’m doing Music Monday on my site, and I like reading others’ Music Mondays because I’m very into music. I like seeing what other bloggers are interested in. I think you should do whatever will make you happy, though! :)

  • There are a couple I like. And will participate in :D Like…

    Wordless Wednesday
    Works for me Wednesday
    Photo Friday
    Tackle it Tuesday

    Stuff like that :D Go for it.

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