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Little me.

Yup, that’s little Caity. :)

I will make a list for you of all the things little Caity liked. Well, she probably could have told you better but here are some things that I can remember right now.

  • Television Shows! Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Popples, Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, David The Gnome, Gem, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Full House, Punky Brewster, Snick, Ren & Stimpy, Secret World of Alex Mac, Salute Your Shorts, Rocco’s Modern Life, Clarissa Explains It All (Melissa Joan Hart was mine and my sister’s dance teacher before she was famous, haha), Kenan and Kel, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Hey Dude, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Salute Your Shorts!
  • Foods! Hot dogs, grilled cheese, rainbow cookies, carvel ice cream cake, mashed potatoes with peas mixed in it, macaroni and cheese, stove top stuffing, whipped cream (it’s better than ice cream), tomatoes, applesauce, watermelon, snickers and twix, fruit by the foot
  • Games! Mouse Trap, Clue, Life, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Guess Who, Trouble, Operation, Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Battleship, Chinese Checkers, Truth or Dare, pogs!
  • Video Games! Mario, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, Myst, Donkey Kong, Tomagotchi (lol)
  • Miscellaneous! Slumber parties, amazing birthday parties every year because my mom is amazing, magical childhood holidays, American Girl dolls, furbies, ring pops, thinking that if I didn’t bring lunchables to school I wouldn’t be cool, my Lisa Frank binder, beanie babies, sockem boppers, and friendship bracelets!

What did you enjoy in your childhood?

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  • we liked a lot of the same things! must be children from 1984 :) i loved how you added (lol)next to tomagotchi hahaha i had a nano pet and giga pet too :) don’t forget a skip-it!

  • Aw you’re SO CUTE! My childhood was pretty much like yours haha. I miss the old shows :) Some others I loved were Power Rangers, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and others. Ah, how I miss those days sometimes :P

  • Sometimes I wish I could just turn back the clock and “do it all again!” Those were such fun times, weren’t they? I’d love to do it twice! Oh well . . . I’m glad you feel you had a happy childhood. That makes ME happy! I love you. Love, Mom


  • CAITY! You were so adorable!

    And fuck yeah Mouse Trap!

  • Oh my god, you look EXACTLY the same. So so so adorable! Ahhh!

  • I loved David the gnome! And fraggle rock, and ren and stimpy, and angry beavers, and a lot of the same shows you listed, too. I also loved care bears, strawberry shortcake and anything disney. I had a tomaghotchi, lol. I still have it somewhere, I came across it in a box. I loved playing games with my Dad and riding bikes with my friends. I loved nature walks in the woods with my Dad to collect rocks in cool shapes, acorns and pinecones. At the beach we’d hunt and collect shells (have all that in a tin somewhere too).

    Do you remember the candy buttons? you’d eat the candy and get mostly paper, haha. My friends and I would buy candy cigarettes from the ice cream man and thought we were cool in our neon colors, side pony tails and roller skates (mine were purple).

    I don’t know that I’d want to do it all over again, but I do have a lot of fond memories.

  • I barely could make it through your first list of TV shows because I nearly choked at the nostalgia going through me with all the shows you used to watch! Man oh man… Those were the days. I loved Nickelodeon back then. lol

  • Oh, we would’ve gotten along amazingly as little Caitlin’s! LOL<3

  • Wow, look at that shiny golden hair :D So cute!
    Aaaw, I remember the Care Bears. I loved them as a child, and Fraggle Rock! My dad recorded every episode for me on VHS cassettes, I was obsessed ^_^ And don’t get me started on the Super Mario games… ♥

  • I had a very similar pop culture childhood. actually, I still have a lot of those toys. Most are sitting in my basement, but they’re still hanging around :P got my pogs too. My beanie babies are sitting right above me in my office :) I was so obsessed with Lisa Frank. I had the backpack, the binders, the folders, the lunch box…

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