[box type=”shadow”]Question 24 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: Share with us some of the things that you are currently saving up for. And how is the progress?[/box]

Money is pretty tight right now but the money I do have is being funneled into the following things:

  • New clothes. I feel really materialistic for having to list this but unfortunately after losing all the weight I have it actually has become a necessity. None of my clothes fit me anymore and I have had to buy myself new ones. Thankfully I love the clearance rack and don’t care for labels all that much otherwise I would be in for quite the rude awakening.
  • New Zealand. Getting back to New Zealand is my number one priority right now. Although Josh is buying my ticket back there are still a lot of expenses that have to do with getting back. Plus, it would be nice to not be completely broke once I get there. Oh, and it would be nice to be able to do things like buy food and pay rent too once I get back, y’know?
  • A bicycle. If you aren’t already aware of my spinning addiction, let me familiarize you with it. I’m hooked. I know that I will love biking, too. I want to save up for a really nice bike for when I get back to New Zealand so I can get into biking!

That’s it for now. I lead a simple and happy existence. I do not need much more than what I have and I am fine with that for now.

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  • I understand the clothes bit 100% as I said on your FB post, haha. Luckily, I’ve got a bunch of different sizes of clothes laying around so I won’t have to re-buy anything until I’m back into the 100’s.

    I want a bike too! I’ve been dying to go biking but I refuse to buy a cheap one so I’ve been trying to save up.

    Yay for simple existences, I’m the same way and pretty damned happy. Sure, there are things I’d like to buy but they don’t control my happiness. ;)

  • Sounds like some good things to save for there. Much less materialistic then my saving up for like camera gear and getting Canucks colored streaks put in my hair…lol And I’m happy to see your second item there :) And I understand the desire to be able to pay for food and rent…I haven’t been doing that since we moved so much on the rent end but I use as much as I can on food (while still keeping some for myself). Good luck with your savings!

    I’ve also been debating trying some kind of fitness class (inspired by you ;) ) and spin in on the list. I was never a bike rider though, so I’m not sure how that’ll work. Also I’m no where near a gym which is annoying, but at least some of my motivation is coming back.

  • Will you take me back to New Zealand with you? Pretty pretty please?!

    Last night Simon and I were going through some photos that his mom had posted for us around her new house… And it just made me want to pack up and move to NZ so badly. It looks so beautiful over there. Le sigh.

  • I hope you can get back to NZ as soon as possible! And oh the fun it must be to bike around NZ, I think I’m even more jealous that you’ll be biking there, if that’s even possible :D

  • Hey Caity, you should check out freecycle.org you might be able to get a free bike from there, you never know. Join your area’s group and you’ll be able to find something. Good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey and getting back to NZ!!!

  • I wore stretchy pants for the longest time while I was losing weight because I didn’t want to spend money on new clothes until I was done losing :D You’ve lost quite a bit more than I did though. What can ya do? Can’t walk around without pants on!

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