[box type=”shadow”]Question 22 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: In this current state, how important do you think education is? For those people who are poor and cannot afford to go to a proper school, what can they do to educate themselves? Do you think education is important to have a successful career? If yes/no, why? [/box]

I think that education is very important. Heck, I’m a teacher!

I could ramble on and on about this topic for days, probably. There are so many sides to this and I actually have a lot of different opinions. However, let me just outline a few of them.

  • Education is mandatory in many countries up to a certain age and is paid for in taxes so that children may receive a substantial education to be active members of society. I think there are few reasons to not finish at least a secondary education. That being said, there are sad and unfortunate circumstances that do limit some people from finishing and I only hope that they are able to pick it up at a later date. Thankfully there are more and more programs and opportunities for them to do so.
  • I believe that since the workplace is becoming more and more of a competitive place, College (University) is becoming more and more of a requirement for most job positions that may not have had that requirement in the past. I think it is important to consider a tertiary education these days. There are scholarships, grants, and loans that facilitate the process for people who would otherwise be unable to complete such a task.
  • In some cases, I think that getting a degree is a waste of time if what is being learned is not absorbed by the person or is not related to what the person will ever be doing again. It really saddens me to watch people take classes that they hate and don’t care about when there are other people who aren’t able to go to school who would give up so much to be able to have an education.
  • Educating yourself by reading the news online or staying up to date with current events and talking to other educated people is just as important as sitting in on a history or a math class. How you integrate your learning into your life is so important. Students always ask me that dreaded question math teachers hate to hear, “well when will I ever use this again in my life?” I always try to answer them and show them instances when their math – even that algebra everyone loves so much – will be useful to them again.

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  • Math is also useful as a way to demonstrate critical thinking, which is something that we use everyday (or should.)

  • You make some excellent points. So does Amanda. ~ Love, Mom

  • I, too, think that education is important. I agree with all of the points that you make. It’s hard trying to find a job WITH a degree.

  • I agree with you, everyone deserves an education and an educated nation is always stronger than one that is not.

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