[box type=”shadow”]Question 19 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: In this modern day, what do you think are some of the gestures that you would considered romantic? Do you think true romance is fading away? Why? [/box]

Romance is never dead. As long as there are humans, there will be romance. It’s in our nature. I personally think that romance can differ from person to person. My idea of romance might be very different from yours. My perfect romantic evening might not be what you had in mind.

Finale Clue

For Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I organized a scavenger hunt for Josh. I hid my clues all around the house and even at his job. We went on a journey to go find all the clues together. The clues took me a long time to make. They were all written as little poems. They all rhymed and all led to another clue that he had to solve and figure out what it meant. I thought it was fun, romantic, and the greatest thing ever! Josh seemed to like it too.

I think things like that – little things that mean a lot and are from the heart – are romantic. I’d rather have a beautiful poem or card (and Josh has given me those) than a box of candy or some flowers any day. I love receiving text messages for no reason at all just to tell me I’m loved. I love hugs from behind when I’m not expecting them. Surprises are romantic. Spontaneity is romantic. Always knowing that you are loved and being shown in a plethora of ways is romantic.

What a perfect topic for today! It is my parent’s anniversary!
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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  • Aw that’s so cute :D! I love the idea of a scavenger hunt. I agree with you, I also like the “simple” gestures of romance as well :) I mean of course I love candy, but an I love you on a card is even better!

  • I remember back when you did this. It was so adorable and amazing! But I also agree with you – I LOVE the simple things in romance.

  • People should never forget about romance, and that letter is so adorable. _<'. :P

    Happy anniversary, Caity's mom and dad! How many years now, if I may ask? :)

  • The letter is so cute, and love the scavenger hunt idea – little thingsl ike this really are what keep a relationship strong, and the romance alive!

  • Aw! That is so unbelievably adorable! I love it. And happy anniversary Caity’s parents!

  • Thank you for wishing us a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in your blog, Caitlin! That was very sweet of you! And to answer Nonna’s question . . . it’s been 32 years! Can you believe it? And, we’ve actually KNOWN one another for 37 years! My how time flies! Thank you, everyone, for wishing us a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! ~ Caitlin, I think your scavenger hunt and poem idea was very creative and romantic! ~ Love, Mom

  • Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad! Thats so awesome!

  • Happy anniversary to your parents! I think that romance is a lot more simple than people make it out to be. Just kind gestures out-of-the-blue and nice words for no reason. You don’t need to spend money to be romantic, you just have to mean it.

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