[box type=”shadow”]Question 18 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: Do you remember what made you want to have a site / online journal in the first place? How long ago was that? Who introduced it to you? How different was the experience back then compared to now? [/box]

I do remember! I started online journaling in 1999 when my friend Leah introduced me to LiveJournal. Remember when having a LiveJournal used to be the coolest thing ever? I had a LJ when it was brand new, ad free, and you could only have one icon! Imagine that! I really enjoyed LiveJournal and I was loyal to the site for years and years, even having a paid subscription for multiple years and pouring endless amounts of time into learning how to make my own LJ themes (who remembers the cool S1 styles?).

Eventually, I branched off and bought my own domain. When I was in college, boyfriend who was computer savvy helped me purchase and set up my first website (b2!) and ever since then I’ve had my own blog. Online journaling has always been a part of me. I love writing, I love the blogging community, and I don’t foresee myself ever stopping! At least not anytime in the near future!

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  • it took me forever to master lj styles but damnn it i did it. i had an lj back in the day when you had to have an invitation code! gosh, i miss those days! lol

  • I was SO obsessed with LJ for years. I used to after I started my domain for more “personal” entries. It’s funny you mention it because just last night I was laying in bed and thinking about all the cute little codes you could use to change the way the “1 comment” links showed up.

    I definitely can’t get away from blogging. This was very similar to the question I answered on my blog just recently. It will always be a part of me, I think. Even though the whole thing has changed!

  • Blogging is fun. :) I can’t believe how many people are STILL on Livejournal (including me, heh). Amazing how after all those online blogging services died out, Livejournal lives on forever.

  • I can’t comment about any of this because I have absolutely NO CLUE what you are talking about!!! ~ It’s sad, I know! ~ Love, Mom

  • yay b2! I had b2 until, I think 2007, lol

  • I had a livejournal too! I called it “Woven Emotions” and was in love with that name for so long. I figured out how to make my own simple layouts (just the header graphic and changing the colors) and I always loved using the fox emoticons that were one of the free sets you could use! lol. I remember having a Witch Hunter Robin theme and a Vancouver Canucks theme. Funny to think how blogging has changed since then.

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