[box type=”shadow”]Question 16 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: How important are first impressions to you? How do you judge someone when you meet them for the first time? What do you think are the no-nos in a first impression when meeting someone on a social context (not job interviews)? Lastly, do you think you make good first impression? [/box]

I don’t think that first impressions are incredibly important. I find that I am often making excuses for people if they were not incredibly friendly or outgoing when I first met them. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and always give them a second chance. I am not going to completely write someone off based on the basis of one interaction.

I call that a flash judgement. You are judging someone in a flash without knowing really anything about that person or getting to really know them at all. I think that is really wrong and so I do all that I can to give people every opportunity to show me who they are so that I do not have to place those judgements there myself. Why should I create an idea in my head about who this person is instead of actually finding out?

When I first meet someone, I am always just as myself as I can be. I don’t act any differently than I would normally act because, once again, that isn’t fair to the person who I am just meeting who is trying to figure out who I am. I let them know who I am so that they don’t have to create their own ideas about me, as well. Things to not to? Well, anything you wouldn’t do normally to any friend – be rude, act inappropriately, make other people feel uncomfortable, or anything else that you wouldn’t want someone to do to you.

I think I make a good first impression. Why? Well, people usually talk to me a second time after they have met me so that’s usually a good sign, right?

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  • I LOVE your answer! When meeting people, I’m often very bubbly and can talk about just about anything but Jen is very shy and quiet. Once I/we get to know the person or people, she is much more relaxed and is very funny and talkative. Often after she comes out of her shell, people will say “God, I thought you were in a bad mood.” or that she was a bitch! :O It’s horrible.

    I don’t make judgements like that either, because it’s just rude and hurtful and if you don’t know someone, you shouldn’t judge them – they could be having a bad day, could have depression, could be shy or even may just be awkward around people.

  • Sometimes I find myself making flash judgments on people but end up reminding myself that a lot of people think I’m a bitch at first. I tell myself I need to give others the benefit of the doubt.. I’m extremely shy and don’t talk much (much like the Jen mentioned above) so people think I’m being rude until they get to know me. After that, like above, they tell me “You’re so much nicer than you seem at first.” I don’t know how to respond to something like that, haha.

  • “How important are first impressions?” . . . I suppose they are important, but as you so eloquently said, some people may be having a bad day, for whatever reason, and may not come across well on your first meeting. One should never judge a person on a first impression. I believe you should always give yourself time to get to know a person. It really benefits both of you! ~ Love, Mom

  • You’ve been tagged! :)

  • Great post! I agree. I try not to make a flash judgment on people but sometimes it’s hard. Especially when the person comes off as a rude, ignorant so and so.

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