[box type=”shadow”]Question 14 of the BlissMB 30 Day Meme: Do you think you act your own age? How old do you think you act? Why? [/box]

I am in my late twenties. I’ll be 27 next month.
How is a 27-year-old supposed to act?

I have always hated that horrible sentence looming over me. “Act your age!” It’s just about the worst sentence that any growing child wants to hear. That awkward stage where they are caught between wanting to go play with the kids and go sit and mingle with the adults and be treated like one. Do we ever really stop wanting to be in both worlds, though? If I stuck you in the middle of Disneyworld right now, I bet you’d wish you were a kid again. I know I would run around screaming and not even caring who saw me act like an idiot.

You’re only as old as you feel. I know when to act like I’m 27 but there are definitely those times when I can run around flailing my arms around and acting like a child. I don’t give a hoot who is around to see me regress because heck, I’m having a good time and they should too!

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  • I actually dislike Disneyland, lol. So I wouldn’t in the least wish I was a kid again. :P

    But yes I agree that everyone has their moments when they wish they could be a kid again. :)

  • no one should ever act their age. There’s a huge difference between being responsible and growing up. I got a job, I got a house, I’m not in terrible debt, so who cares if I like to decorate my office with toys, play with legos, eat brownie sundaes and go to disney world every year? Why should I give those things up?

  • I think that’s why I enjoyed teaching so much! ~ I could let the inner child in me come out every day! It was wonderful! ~ I have a bit of the “Peter Pan Syndrome” in me! ~ I believe everyone should be themselves and act whatever way makes them feel happy! ~ Love, Mom

  • Like you, I’m heading for 27 next year and I still don’t act 27 unless it’s somewhere I’m “expected” to. Even then, it’s extremely hard for me because I’m more of a kid at heart than most adults.

    Also, I really want to go to Disney now. I think I shall look into ticket pricing for Joey and I. :)

  • I always figured the thing about getting older is that you gain life-experience and the wisdom that comes with it. But everyone evolves differently, so “acting your age” isn’t really an appropriate term to use anyway.
    And I agree with Lissy, as long as I do my job and pay my bills etc. it shouldn’t matter if I still dress like a goth rocker and like My Little Ponies :)

  • I don’t act my age..my body is 41 but my heart is right around 24..and it’s been set that way since I was 24 :)..I know when to be responsible, and I know when to chuck responsibility and play..
    But what is age, a label so that we may relate to one another..my son at 12 is a wise old soul, and some friends I know at 40 are quite immature..hmmm…
    Please put me in the middle of Disney–I’d have a blast:)

  • Great post! I think it’s just important to be yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. A lot of people are afraid to experiment or be silly or buy cute hairbows or sidewalk chalk and forget that! Life’s too short to be stuffy and “adult” all the time!

  • I refuse to grow up. ever. I’m just a responsible kid, that’s all.

  • I need to go to Disneyland with you! lol Sounds like you’d come with me to collect autographs from all the characters and ride every single ride in the park! How’s that for an almost-30-year-old lol. Also I love the mascot of my hometown hockey team, so much that I’m really hoping someone from my family got me a signed stuffy lol. I think you’ve got a good view on that silly line.

  • I hear that I should “dress my age”. “Dressing my age” apparently means not dressing alternatively, not having piercings, not dying my hair black. Because that look is only for teenagers and even if you’ve looked like that for ten years, all of a sudden when you reach your mid and late twenties, your entire taste should change. I don’t get it.

    There’s nothing wrong with growing up but I’m growing up on my own terms. :)

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