Just kidding. I still eat apples. I love apples. But then I went to take a cute picture of this little baby apple that Josh brought home for me from the orchard. I figured I’d put it in my hands so you could see the comparison of how small it really was. Then I realized what I was doing and I was disgusted with myself. So here’s my question: do you think “aww, what a cute little apple” or do you think “OMG TWILIGHT!” Be honest.

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  • OMG TINY LITTLE APPLE :D Steve Jobs ruined apple for me.

  • I think “GIMME THAT APPLE”

    But I’m not a Twilight fan. I’m a food fan

  • I’m happy to say both, well, may not happy because yes, I did think of Twilight, but that I also saw the small apple must be a good thing!

  • If it makes you feel better, I saw the cover of a psychology book at the library the other day, clearly written way before Twilight, and it had the same cover of hands holding a red apple.

    • I think both, I probably would have just saw an apple had you not mentioned twilight!!! YOU DID IT TO ME!!!!

      • Me too. I would’ve never seen the Twilight cover had it not been pointed out. That said, mmm apple…

  • I think cute little apple.

  • I see a cute little apple…but then again I don’t ever plan on reading the Twilight books lol. (I’m with Hanna, about Steve Jobs)

  • I would have totally thought “cute little apple” until you wrote “OMG TWILIGHT!” :-)

  • I thought of Twilight but only because I saw the word “Twilight” in the title of the post. :P Otherwise I’d have just said “what a cute little apple!”

    I’m not a Twilight fan and my copy of the book is actually the movie cover, so I wouldn’t have even thought about it. LOL

  • Maybe because of the way you’re holding it I think Twilight, but I honestly, first, before reading the small blurb – “what a cute tiny apple!”

    That’s just adorable. Too cute to eat.

    • Draga Zondra, zahvaljujem na komentaru na mom blogu. A vidim i vi ste si dali truda, predivan tekst i sličice. Ovo je inače moje omiljeno doba godine, vjerujem da nema čovjeka kojeg pogled na sve te borove, ukrase i Å¡arenilo ne ra#&2eud8j30;. Lijep pozdrav

  • Ashamed to say first thought was OMG twilight! It is still a cute little apple though :)

  • Definitely not Twilight. I actually had to google it to see what picture you were referring to.

  • Didn’t think of Twilight! I just thought, what a cute little apple!

  • I first noticed the apple and didn’t think of Twilight until you mentioned it. Though I probably would’ve thought of Twilight eventually. :-)

  • I thought “Huh. I wonder what she’s gonna say about Twilight.” …so yeah, Twiilight.

  • Holy shit, I never thought about it that way. At least the apple isn’t bright red.

    Apples used to be my favorite food until this entry … just kidding.

  • At first I thought, Awe! What a cute little apple…then you mentioned Twilight. :P

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