There are 3 weeks left until the end of term and life is a bit hectic lately. It’s pretty darn awesome – just hectic. I’ve still been trying my very best to keep up with my 365 Project even if I’m not blogging very much (or doing much at all besides working).

Day 15: I finally crack and buy myself an iPhone 4S.

Day 16: Horrible chipping nail polish.
This is how busy I’ve been, people. I don’t even have time to do my nails!

Day 17: Sneaky cat is sneaky.
Again, evidence I’m busy. My floors are not swept! Gasp!

Day 18: The full moon teaches me that I need practice shooting photos at night.

Day 19: Stepping out of my comfort zone.
(pun intended) I buy an exciting coloured shoe. Also, boots (not pictured, obviously).

Day 20: Josh makes an incredible chicken roast. <3 21/365
Day 21: For Latrina. :)

What is your favourite picture this week? Why?
Hopefully I’ll check in sooner than next week’s 365 post this time!

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  • I personally love the full moon one. Mostly because when it happened, I was trying to take pictures of it as well, saying the exact same thing (I need to take more photos at night).

    Plus it’s just really really pretty!

  • Definitely the chicken one, because it looks SO DELICIOUS. OM NOM NOM NOM! I also really like the shoes one because of the texture and the basket thing in the background. Looks neato!

  • mmm. Roast Chicken. I’d love to know what seasoning he uses for the chicken. Also, was it just for the two of you? Hells yes roast chicken sandwiches for leftovers!

  • The moon. Reirei is a close second and the phone is pretty exciting too :p. Awesome pictures.

  • Haha, YOU ROCK, Caity! <3 My favorite is Day 21 of course. I absolutely love it. I can only imagine that a scenery like THAT keeps you inspired & motivated. It would me. :o I'd do anything to just sit on those rocks… with a notepad on my lap… and just write. or draw. :)

    I also like the moon/cloud shot! Night photography is something I, too, need practice at.

  • ohh that roast chicken looks yummy!

  • so i’m curious what kind of phone coverage you get over there and whether your phone costs a ton more!

    • In towns I get really good coverage but if I leave town then I have to wait until the next town for coverage or if I go up in the mountains then sometimes I have coverage. Phones cost a lot more here but I got my iPhone free since I got a plan that was $100 per month (remember this is NZD not USD). If I didn’t then the iPhone would have been over $1000.

  • That last photo is gorgeous!

  • Love those shoes! Such a pretty color :)

  • Day 21, because I want to be RIGHT THERE. I love the rocky shore line, I love the overcast sky, the water. Please teleport me, okay?

  • I think the picture of the full moon is quite pretty, and the chicken roast looks like it was absolutely delicious.

  • I’m very jealous. I’d love an iPhone but I’m skint at the moment. I’ll have to stick with my very broken HTC.

  • The Chicken Roast looks deliciousss. I’m a big fan of all pictures that are of food, haha!

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