This week has been absolutely insane. Work has been jam packed and then I’ve been travelling (mostly for work for conferences and such) for the whole end of the week.

I still found time to snap my photos, amazingly.
Hopefully it’s a good sign!

Day 8: Out at the pier. (by Josh)

Day 9: Playing with Brrbrrous.
(Reirei made friends with the neighbour cat and had some grand adventures!)

Day 10: Be Our Guest!
Working on costumes for the school play. ;)

Day 11: New glasses.

Day 12: Lounging around.
Why does this picture make me look deformed? WHY?!

Day 13: More postcards from Postcrossing!

Day 14: My CK glasses.

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  • Great shots! I really need to get started on a 365, just need the motivation to keep it going.

  • Wow, that water is seriously beautiful, and EEE REIREI IS SO ADORABLE. She’s looking pretty big now too!

  • I love Postcrossing! I’m glad you are into it!

  • The photos are lovely. Especially the cat, so cute!

    I’ve never tried 365 before, but I struggle to even blog on a regular basis so I doubt I’d succeed at taking a picture every day.

  • Great shots, Caity! I hope you add more photos of NZ. :D I’m so eager to see more of the places and landscapes around there!

  • Aw, your neighbour kitty is just as cute as your own :) So you’re doing Beauty and the Beast for the school play?! Love that you get to help with the costumes!!

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