I have tried so many times to start a 365 photo project.
Take a picture every day for a year?
How hard can it be?
I’ve always got my camera with me.
I’m always taking pictures.

I always mess it up.

Well, one thing about me is that I always decide to keep trying. I keep telling myself that one of these times I’ve got to succeed, right? I am really picky about if I mess up. I miss a day and that’s it – I failed.

I started again on my birthday, May 18th. So far I’m 10 days in and I haven’t failed. Maybe if I share the photos each week it will help me remember to take them. Would you like to see my photos each week?

Here are this week’s 365 photos.

Day 1: A Mathemagical Birthday

Day 2: The Corner of the World

Day 3: Homemade Pizza

Day 4: A Light In The Darkness
(Josh got me a cool desk lamp for my birthday!)

Day 5: Zoya Skylar

Day 6: :)

Day 7: Lesson Planning

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  • So far so good Caity! I always love your pictures – especially those of NZ!!!

  • You can do it! I have failed with the 365 in the past numerous times. In 2009, I got to like 120ish days, but I started another one this past September and I have stuck with it. Some days, I almost forget until the last second. I keep a reminder on my phone that pops up towards the end of the day, so if I haven’t remembered I can do it then before its too late.

  • Whoa, that desk lamp looks so cool! All your photos are beautiful. I for sure would love to see a weekly roundup, especially if that would help you succeed at this!

  • I’d like to see pictures every week. Even if it’s just 365 pictures of Reirei :D Toss in some flowers and maybe a sunset and you’re golden! lol. Have fun with it. I think it’s cool that you started on your birthday, that way on your next birthday you can look back on the year you just had and plan for the next one going forward. That would make a pretty cool post, too.

    • Haha I definitely take a lot of pictures of Reirei! :)
      It’s a great idea for a roundup post, that’s for sure!

  • Well, after messing up and losing my rambly comment…I will just say Good luck! And i would love to see all your photos, you take such great ones!

  • I would LOVE to see your photos! I’m going to start this project myself on my birthday (yet again!). I hope this is the time we’re both successful! :)

  • Yes! Definitely post your photos each week. That way we can help you and keep you accountable :D Beautiful photos, as always.

  • I love it when people do these 365-days projects. It’s truly something I admire, because I wouldn’t have the stamina to do it. So keep on going! I’m looking forward to the next 51 weeks! :D

  • I love your very first photo! ^^ But I feel the same when I start challenges like this and once I mess up I just give up. I think it just takes a lot of patience with yourself and also to realize you are not perfect, so take the challenge and always try your best =)

    • Thank you! My first photos are always pretty good and then I get kind of lazy.
      You’re right. We need to realize we aren’t perfect. I’ll just do what I can. :)

  • Yay! I was hoping you’d start one. A 365 definitely takes a lot of motivation but it helps if you keep it fun! Never make it a job. I started one a few years back and never finished… I am DETERMINED to finish this years — I’m almost half-way through! Maybe we can motivate each other? Make sure the other one is snapping. :D

    Good luck! And have fun with it.

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