I know there is still a bit of a stigma behind “meeting people off the big bad internets.” Me? I’ve done it more times than I probably should have and I have always been glad that I did. It has resulted in many incredible friendships, the two most important being my husband and my great friend Ashleigh who was the maid of honour at our wedding.

I’m always careful. I’m sure they are, too. My own husband told me that when he travelled across from NZ the first time to meet me face to face he was prepared for the fact that there was always that chance he’d have to book a hotel in New York until his flight back to NZ because I’d either show up and be insane or not show up at all. I like to think that most people are generally good when it comes down to it. I mean, if I’m on the internet and I’m not a big fat liar, why are they any different?

A friend who I have known online for a few years now through blogging and DailyFratze was travelling through New Zealand with her boyfriend. She contacted me on Twitter to ask me what some of the must see places were in New Zealand. I told her some places that I knew but that she was also welcome to stop by and say hello if she was passing through our town.

Adastra and her boyfriend did come and see us and they even ended up staying with us for a night. I enjoyed catching up with her and showing them a bit of our surrounding area. I like to think that only a local could give such a grand tour! Perhaps not, but I think that in the nearly 2 years that I have lived here I’ve come to know quite a bit about this place.

When they came, we went out and showed them a beautiful sunset at the dock in our town.



We took a photo for DailyFratze together.


This morning, I decided to take them up to Denniston where the old mine used to be. Besides a beautiful view, there are beautiful walkways and trails as well as some great history left behind. There are tours there but we were not able to get into one on short notice.







After Denniston, we went a bit further to Granity. It’s one of my favourite places around. We had lunch at the cafe there and had a nice walk on the beach. We were going to go on the Charming Creek Walkway, too, but it was blocked by the train that was being loaded up with coal and it looked like it was going to take quite a long time. We decided to just head back so they could get on their way and continue exploring New Zealand.


I’m glad I got to meet such awesome people in person. It was great seeing New Zealand through someone who was seeing it for the first time. It makes me appreciate it a whole lot more.

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  • I am super bummed that I was really unwell on the day she came through my city! But at least she got to see a much nicer place than Hamilton in your company.

    • Yeah she mentioned that you were sick when she came through. What a bummer! Hey, I may be biased but I think it’s pretty amazing here, too.

    • I’m bummed too, but I still have hope that we’ll get another chance someday! NZ is really amazing and definetely worth revisiting, but the only problem is that it might take us a while to save up for another trip…

  • Yes there are many crazies online, but there are many more good, funny, friendly, loving people on there. I’ve met up with some people too that I met online first and some of those meetings have developped in good friendships, some are even going on 10 years of friendship!

    I would just say to others out there wanting to meet up with someone they met online; use your head. If it feels wrong, it probably is, if something is “off” it probably is. Use busy places to meet up for the firs time and always have a backup plan and let someone know what you’re up to. Other than that; enjoy the moment!

    • I completely agree with your tips. I’m glad that you have had some positive experiences, too! :)

  • I love meeting people from the Internet. True, I am careful about it, though. I base it all off my interactions with the individuals. The creepy blokes I see on OKCupid are a no-no, but through other criteria I can determine whether that person will be safe to meet or not, and I am generally right! I especially love it when they come to Korea or when I go to the place there are at (the last place being in Tokyo) :) My meeting with the folks there were all awesome, and I know if given the chance, I’d meet them again!

    • Yeah, I’d be a bit hesitant to meet people from a dating site too. The best is being able to be a tour guide for people, yes! That’s always heaps of fun. I used to love doing it in New York when people came through.

  • I met my best friend via the internet! … so I’m totally for it as long as you’re safe. I generally wait until about a year or so of knowing someone before I’ll make the plunge and they obviously have to be trustworthy.

    I’m glad you were able to meet her and show her the sites. I think it would be amazing to have a local show me around their place/country of residence. The best tour guide and free to boot!

    • I know you did! That’s so awesome! I definitely always make sure I have known them for quite some time. That’s something else worth adding.

      Yes, we had a great time. Free tour guides who know the area are definitely best.

  • You are completely much braver than I am!! I mean in my younger years, I loved meeting people online, but through the media and its paranoia that it presented, I kind of drifted away from it; leaving my blog and my online friends to its cyber world. But I don’t think I would ever give up the hope that one day, maybe I will find a very special relationship from online as well.

    Glad that you were able to meet up with the friends, and continued to build that friendship past the online world. :) You will be my inspiration for that.

  • Aw, how nice! If I’m ever in New Zealand, I’m definitely coming to say hi, though that’s never going to happen because I wouldn’t survive the plane ride and there are big bugs in that part of the word and bugs are scary.

    I’ve met other blogging friends though. Someone’s blog is like their diary. If you can’t know them through their blog, well, then you never will. Though this guy once thought he knew me well enough to be in love with me and that was just creepy. I guess there’s always two sides

    • You should! Hey, we aren’t Australia. We don’t have those big scary bugs like they do! Don’t lump us in with them. :P

      I completely agree. Most people I have met from online were bloggers. I suppose you do get to know a lot about someone through their blog. That story is quite creepy. You’re right – those other sides are why you always have to take that precaution.

  • Aww, what an awesome blog post, I’m so humbled! :) I’m only seeing this now because phone reception on campgrounds is really nonexistent…

    I have met plenty of people from the internet as well (such as my boyfriend 11 years ago – but that was long before he became my boyfriend). I can always tell if someone from the internet is a real person and if that person would be a great person to meet, and you definitely are ;)

    I have met most folks from Dailyfratze through the site only (except 2-3 who I knew before) and it’s really the most awesome community I have ever been part of. Everyone there is just incredibly great and meeting up with them is always fun. Seeing each other every day (well, on the site) makes it a very close, very special community, I think.

    • Yes, I have always been able to tell, as well. I am very glad of this fact. Daily Fratze is something special. I am so glad that it exists!

  • I have met one person I knew online, but it was a total fluke. She recognized me at a concert and said hello. It was very cool. I haven’t yet arranged to meet up with someone. One day, perhaps.

    It sounds like you had an amazing time with Adastra. It’s also very cool that you got to show her so many beautiful places. What a great experience.

    • Haha that is pretty awesome! What a random and exciting experience that must have been!

      We had a nice time. I’m glad I was around to show her my little piece of NZ!

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