Another installment of my trip to see Josh’s Grandmother!

Walk to the Park

After dinner at Josh’s Grandma’s house, Josh, Viv (my MIL), and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Grandma told us that there was a park nearby so we set out to find it. I took my camera in tow, of course. We started down the street and immediately I had to take a picture. How beautiful is this street all lined with pretty trees? I love how quaint and adorable most towns are here in New Zealand. I also noticed that a lot of people keep really great gardens or landscape their places in some way which makes it even nicer to look at. I enjoyed looking at all the houses. My favourite was looking at all the lemon trees. It seems that you’re not a New Zealander unless you have a lemon tree. Josh’s mom even has her own lemon trees.

Walk to the Park
A closeup of the pretty flowers on those trees.

Walk to the Park
I have never seen a plant like this before but when I get my own places I’m planting them! Aren’t they cute! They almost look fake with the little pink borders on them. I absolutely adore it!

Walk to the Park
Ahh, lavendar. I have become obsessed with running my hands through lavendar bushes and then smelling like lavendar all day! That’s definitely another thing I’m growing later on in life.

Walk to the Park
We finally got to the little park. It was adorable and had a little bridge and a pond. It was a bit annoying since we came from the wrong way and we had to walk all the way to the end of the park so we could get to the part where we could cross the bridge but it was worth it.

Walk to the Park
Josh totally posed for this one. He’s looking pensive. I love this picture. It cracks me up.

Walk to the Park
This one got him caught offguard, haha.

Walk to the Park
I love weeping willow trees and around this park there were some of the biggest weeping willows I’ve ever seen. They were absolutely beautiful. I think weeping willows are so graceful and peaceful and I wished I had a book with me so I could sit under it and read. It just looked like that was what it was there for.

Walk to the Park
It was actually a lot darker than these photos indicate but my camera is so awesome that I can pretend it is day. Gotta love knowing how to change the exposure.

Walk to the Park
Have you ever noticed how there is always a goose in every group of ducks you see? This little fella was no exception. You can’t see the ducks in this picture but there was a large group of them. Do you think maybe these are the geese that get kicked out and outcast from being a goose that they decide to go and be the big man among the ducks? That’s what Josh and I decided.

Walk to the Park
Another pretty shot taken by Josh. That’s Venus up there. Apparently the photos was about to be even more awesome but the bird sitting on top of that wall flew away before he took the picture.

I hope you enjoyed our walk! I’ve got a lot more installments of my trip! I just can’t fit it all in one post! My posts may not be as exciting as Rose‘s Great Mexico Adventure Posts but I have a lot of pictures and they’re fun to share, too.

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  • All the photos you took remind me a LOT of victoria. Those plants with the pink border are a kind of Succulent I believe. We have those there. Plus all the other photos seem very similar to victoria. Like This, This, This, This. And now this comment is totally going to get flagged as spam :P

    And I thought my Mexico posts were pretty freaking lame, so I’m flattered you’d compare yourself to them in such a complimentary light :P

    I like this! I love photos of far-away places, especially when they look like they could have been taken in my own city even though they’re on the other side of the world!

    • AHHH SPAM! :P

      Wow, those photos definitely look a lot like it! That is really cool, like you said, how places on opposite sides of the world can look so alike!

      I love the way you write. Some people just have a natural knack for writing and their blogs are always fun to read. PSST LIKE YOURS!

  • Beautiful pictures! I wish I had a park like that in my neighbourhood.

  • Girl, your photography is getting better and better! Not to mention you have gorgeous subjects to photograph over there!

  • So pretty, I love the smell of lavender. If you keep posting pictures like this, I’m going to have to move to NZ. And live in a hobbit hole.

  • Beautiful pictures once again, they are seriously making me want to visit New Zealand and I’ve never he really gave two thoughts about that place until recently seeing all your pictures and how it seems like such a beautiful place, is it as calm there as it appears?

    I want a weeping willow in my yard someday whenever I own my own place and have my own yard, of course.

    I think it’s pretty funny how people have lemon trees.

  • Beautiful photos – what a gorgeous park! Weeping Willows are my favorite tree.

  • that park is so amazing! i love weeping willows and that bridge is just beautiful.

  • I think the pink is some kind of cactus… my mum knows a LOT about plants and we have a huge range in Australia here… so if I find out I’ll let you know haha.

    I have lavender in my front garden; they’re so pretty. I absolutely love any opportunity to take a photo of flowers and nature – in my opinion they make the best photos.

    The street looks absolutely gorgeous!

    BTW, I’m glad you managed to fit in with the time difference when you moved! <3

  • Wow, nice. You’re making me want to go to New Zealand!

  • The lemon tree thing is so true. We live in a block of flats, and we have a communal lemon tree. You can also get potted bonsai lemon trees if you live somewhere without a patch of grass. It really is a Kiwi thing to have!

    Rose and Georgina are right about the pink tipped plant. It’s from the succulent/cactus family, and it’s called Echeveria, or as my grandmother used to call them “Painted Ladies”. :)

  • I love the quaint little bridge! ~ Your photos are GREAT! ~ It was wonderful talking with you and Josh via skype earlier today! I’m so glad you set that up on our computer before you left! THANKS! Love you! ~ Mom

  • I love the plant life, it’s amazing and the colors are gorgeous!

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