I did a lot of packing over the past couple days. Finally our suitcases are pretty much packed. It was hard trying to decide which clothes to take and which clothes to leave here. It has proven to be cheaper to not take most of our things because it’s so expensive to ship it and we’d be better off buying new things once we get there.

Suitcase Cat

Moko sat in my suitcase all night staring at me while I was working. I think she’s trying to tell me something.

I want everything to be done by tomorrow since that’s really the last day we have to mess around. On Saturday, a friend of ours is coming to visit from out of state, on Sunday we have our big going away party, and Monday we are going to go say goodbye to some last close family and friends. We leave Tuesday. This is starting to become a reality and it’s both exciting and scary.

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  • Is Moko going with you?

  • I remember when I moved to west Africa several years ago (and again when I moved back to the US), I managed to pack everything I own in two checked bags and two carry-ons. It worked out fine back then, but now I just don’t know if I could do it again! Moving is hard enough as is, but moving to a different continent is an even bigger challenge.

    But, I have total faith that you can do it. Enjoy every moment- moving to a new country is a big change but lots of fun!

  • Good Luck with your big move.

    I moved to NZ 4 years ago from the UK and I love it here. You won’t regret living in NZ and the great thing is you’re moving with Josh and so have family and people who care about you in NZ already.

  • WOW, Caity! Congrats on the big move! It may seem bittersweet, but you are going to move to a place you’ve always dreamed about moving to. :-)

  • Oh, Caity, I wish I’d been commenting on your Facebook statuses rather than… reading them and moving on. Is it silly-stupid of me to be feeling sad that you’re moving, and so soon? It’s not like we live next door to one another or know each other personally, but still >.<

    But your life is about to start, so I feel a bittersweet happiness for you and for Josh :)

    Who is going to take care of Moko? I read on Facebook you can't take her, which is sad. She's going to miss you so much :(

  • EEEE! Good luck with the move to NZ! <3 Keep us up to date with your life there now! :D

  • It seems Moko is going to pack herself with you. ;) But yeah really sad you can’t take her with you. :(

    Good luck with the moving, I’m sure it’ll go fine in the end! :D

  • aww good luck and well done on the packing :) shame Moko isn’t coming too

  • Not that I’ve ever made a move THAT big but I did just get done moving and it is no fun at all. Good luck getting it all one!

  • Getting things packed in time to enjoy the weekend with family and friends is a great idea. I’m such a procrastinator, I’m sure I’d be still packing at the last minute! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and Josh on Tuesday!

  • Good luck with the move
    ~Stopping by from SITS

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