I have been a bit down in the dumps lately. The holidays are a rough time for me since I haven’t fully adjusted to living in another country at this time of the year. The holidays for me have always been very much grounded in traditions and family. It’s hard to suddenly be on the other side of the world from everyone I’ve always celebrated the holidays with and completely new traditions. Josh has been really supportive since we moved to New Zealand. He understands that the holidays are a bit rough for me and he tries his best to make the holidays a nice time.

I woke up last Thursday and realized that probably about 2 people that I’d see during the day would even know it was Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful spring day. Summer is just around the corner (another thing I’ll probably never get used to). I walked across to school deflated and missing everyone. I had no Thanksgiving plans. I felt pretty alone.

There was a card on my desk.


It was from my friend Aly. She’s from Canada and she has been teaching at our school for most of this year. She has become a really good friend and that card meant the whole world to me.

The rest of my day went well. I told my students that it was Thanksgiving and we talked about how it’s good to be thankful for what you have. They were interested about Thanksgiving and asked me questions. It made me feel happy that my students embraced the idea. They agreed that the idea of Thanksgiving was a good moral to have and isn’t just an “American thing.”

After school, Aly and my other friend Jacqui said we should go out for a drink to celebrate Thanksgiving. Myself, Aly, Jaqui, and Jaqui’s niece went out for a drink. I had an awesome fizzy blackcurrant lemonade drink. Aly and I went back to the school. I ended up inviting Aly back to my house because we were talking and we were finishing our conversation.


We walked inside to the kitchen table in the living room. A candle was lit. The house smelled like Thanksgiving. I became overwhelmed as I realized what had happened. They all planned this. Josh made Aly and Jacqui take me out for a drink so he could cook me Thanksgiving dinner. I was overcome with emotion. I was so surprised. I felt so loved.


Josh had taken the entire afternoon off. He roasted a chicken because he couldn’t find a turkey (you have to special order them in NZ and they’re expensive). He made tons of side dishes. Mashed potatoes. Stuffing. Vegetables and bacon.

I just about died.
Then I saw the pumpkin pie.


He made a pumpkin pie. From scratch. Like, cut up a pumpkin. Hand rolled pastry.

I have not been this happy in such a long time.
I am so loved.

There was even a Thanksgiving rainbow. <3

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine.

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  • Well that made me tear up just a little bit! I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Being in Canada it’s been a month since our Thanksgiving, but I had family over for the first time since moving away from home (my cousin lives here). I am a big tradition person too and I can only imagine how difficult it is being somewhere so far from home and the seasons are opposite. Wishing you more happy holidays! :)

  • Wow, you married the most amazing guy in the world. I am so happy that you were able to celebrate this year :D

  • That is awesoooooome! Josh is winner. :)

    Re: the turkey thing. I’m guessing you have to special order them in small towns, because up here, they start selling them around October to stash away in a chest freezer for Christmas. It kinds sucks that he wasn’t able to get you one, but a chicken is probably more reasonably sized. :P

    • I do apologise for the million typos I made in that comment. I have just woken up from a nap and my brain is taking its sweet time to warm up and start working again. >_<

    • Yeah, you need to special order them and I think this was a last minute plan. The chicken definitely was better. We had leftovers even with 3 of us.

  • Aaw, what a sweetheart <3 That's love! :)

  • So happy you “frown was turned upside down!!!!!!” Josh did a wonderfully romantic thing! I’m glad your Thanksgiving Day ended up being so special! (WE MISSED YOU!!! :( )
    LOVE YOU! <3

  • Aww, I’m so glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving after all. That’s wonderful! And that chicken and pumpkin pie look yummy!

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