One thing that has been very useful since I got to New Zealand is Skype. Being able to talk to someone over the computer and actually see their face makes a world away seem a lot closer. My parents like it, too. I think it makes them really happy to be able to see me smile and talk to them on their computer screen. It makes you forget how far apart you really are.

Video call snapshot 2

I was talking with my parents and sister this morning and they brought my cat Moko on screen! It made me so happy to see her and she even perked up when she heard my voice. It was really adorable. I miss my cat so much. I can’t wait until she is able to come over and live with us. Her vaccines weren’t ready for our trip over so we’re hoping that whenever my parents come to visit, they’ll be bringing Moko too.

Video call snapshot 3

My friend Laura also got Skype. It was nice to talk to a friend, too. I miss my friends in New York.

Have you ever used Skype or video chat? What do you think of it?

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  • Wow, is that your mom or sister? She looks a lot like you!

    I don’t use Skype at all. I think I tired it out a few times, but I just use MSN etc if I need to talk to someone via webcam or mic.

  • I have been using Skype for some years now actually… I’d say without it me and my boyfriend would have had energy to stick together. Communication in relationship is pretty important. :P

  • Wow your sister (or is it your mom?) look so much like you! I actually thought it was you until I realised that Moko was also in the picture!!

    I haven’t ever used Skype, but that’s really because I don’t have any need for it. I tend to just use MSN and webcam if I want to speak to someone, but it must be a great way for you & your family to stay in touch – seeing someone’s face is definitely a lot better then just talking over the phone!

  • That must help with homesickness a lot, you still get to see the faces of your family. I haven’t used Skype myself, but it seems ideal in this situation. Hopefully you get to hold Moko soon :)

  • Well, as you know, I have Leon, who’s in England. We’ve talked on skype for almost 5/6 years (at least one year before we started “dating”) and I love it. It’s so much cheaper than a cell phone and I still get to see his face. I always recommend those who are in long-distance relationships (doesn’t matter how far apart they are. whether they’re just a state or two apart or an entire pond apart) to get skype because they’ll love it.

  • As you KNOW, I LOVE skype, too! You were in such a GREAT mood yesterday when we talked. It made us so happy to see you happy! BUT, we still miss you so much! I LOVE YOU! Love, Mom

  • I’m really glad that you have the option to see and hear them through Skype. It’s amazing what technology can do.

  • I love Skype! Helps you keep in touch with those you love, and it’s cheaper than a phone call. Plus, it sure beats just hearing their voice, because you can see their face. I use it to talk to my best friend in Australia!

    Moko is such a pretty kitty. X

  • My family really couldn’t function without Skype. My twin sister and her family are stationed in Germany, my parents lives in California, my older brother lived in Hawaii before moving back to California, my older sister and I are on the east coast but up until recently were 5 hours apart. It’s just so much nicer to be able to talk face to face, even if you are separated by a few thousand miles.

    I’m so glad you were able to see your family and friends! Hope Moko can join you guys soon.

  • If I were young and beautiful like you, I’d skype too!!

    Poor Moko, I’d miss my cat so much too. Sounds like a nice place for cats where you live, tho. Indoor / out door?


  • Aww, I bet Skype helps a lot :D I hope Moko will be able to be brought over soon, bet she’s trying to figure out where you all went and why you’re not back yet :P Hope everything is going well in New Zealand!

  • Skype IS wonderful isn’t it! We use it *all the time*. it is great for me to see my mom and for her and my dad to see my kids, also to talk to uncle and auntie and cousins. For people like us (that is the international jet-setters that we have become, hee hee) Skype is indispensable to staying connected and tuned in to those who mean the most to us and can’t always be by our side to experience our lives first hand….

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