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Little Reirei has been getting quite big lately. It seems like every day she doubles in size. However, she has been doing some naughty kitten thing like doing poos and wees in places that are not her litterbox. I won’t bore you or gross you out with the details, but basically little Reirei is still a baby and still has a lot of growing up to do.

Today, she acquired some new toys from someone we met here in town who had a cat who didn’t play with them anymore. Reirei was very pleased to get new toys and loves to play with them. While we were playing with her today, hilarity and giggle fits ensued. It was also a rare occasion where one of us had the brains to grab the video. Who knows – maybe someone else will find Reirei’s commando rolls and silly kitten antics as hilarious as we did. Excuse our ridiculous giggle fits, please.

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  • That’s adorable. Enjoy her liveliness and playfulness while you can…they get placid and lazy once they get older! Darcy’s much more of a lie down and nap cat now.

  • :D Gotta love kittens. His laughing makes it more funny :P LOL @ her being a cat mop for a sec there.

  • Oh my god, that’s hilarious. She totally reminds me of my cat Jet when he was a kitten! Not only do they look similar (although I guess all black cats look the same :p), Jet was also super playful as a kitten as well.

    You’re totally making me want to get a kitten now, Caity! D:

  • I love kittens at play! One of my cats (who is 4 now) still plays like a kitten, and I’m so thankful for it.

    The giggle fits in that video are the best part, IMO :-)

  • Omg, Josh’s laugher makes this video so much funnier lol. And that’s the first time I’ve heard his accent! You really did marry a Kiwi ;)

    Reirei is adorable :) I can’t wait to see photos of her and Moko together!

  • Awww so cute my heart just melted!

  • Makes me miss Max’s kitten time. She’s fun to watch. Josh’s laugh makes it that much better, too ;) Mandy still plays like that with her toys, and she’s 5, so maybe Reirei won’t grow out of this, and you’ll have fun forever. Max still chases ping pong balls, and he’s 4. :D

  • Awww! I love watching her play :D She’s so cute!

  • Oh… my… God… That was a great video! Josh’s laughter is awesome! My favorite moves of Reirei’s were when she was being swept back & forth on the floor by Josh and right after when she started jumping at the toy.

  • What a cutie! I want a kitty now.

  • I think Josh laughing made that video awesome! lol I was giggling along. And once you start laughing at something a cat is doing there’s no stopping! At least not until they stop and just walk away… lol Reirei is adorable!

  • aw, i love playful kitties.

  • I was so amused by Josh’s giggles in the video. Also, looking at your video made me miss having a pet. I love them when they’re still kittens. How they’re so small, how they’re so light when you have them in your arms (you know, for the limited time that you have before they wriggle free), and how their meows are incredibly tiny.

    I hope that Reirei starts to pick up on toilet training, so there’s more fun, giggles, and less unexpected mess around the house. =)

  • Hahahaha, our kittens do that too. Once they get bigger, we can even get them to do flips in mid-air to try and get the toy =D

  • Really cute. Cats are pretty great. Y’all’s laughing made me laugh. :-)

  • Okay, I laughed my butt off watching that video!!! I loved when Josh was pulling her along the floor while attached to the toy. Too cute. I want.

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