Packing for our move to New Zealand has been both melancholy and exciting. Most of our things are now in suitcases and boxes. We leave this coming Tuesday but I wanted everything to be done before the weekend so I could enjoy myself a little bit before we leave.

My life in boxes.

My mom came over to help me with packing for the last two days. I really appreciated her help more than I thought. Just having her here put me a little more at ease. I couldn’t imagine doing it all by myself. Josh is still working with my dad at the moment. We’re hoping that he can get the next few days off to help me with the rest of the packing and so that we can enjoy ourselves a little bit.

My life in boxes.

I realized in the last few days how much I’ll miss Moko. We can’t take her with us now. I’m hoping she can come over later. She knows something is going on and she doesn’t like it at all. Poor kitty.

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  • Moving is such a pain in the ass and exhausting, and exiting and fun all at once. It’s sad leaving what you know behind, but thrilling to know something new is coming. The best of luck to you! :D Can’t wait to hear how the move goes and about your new life in New Zealand :)

  • I hate the packing & unpacking part of moving so much. Its so annoying. I’ve had to do it by myself the past two times and I hated it. I liked it better when I had my mom helping me, for sure.

    Poor Moko. I know you are gonna miss her. Hopefully soon, you can be reunited.

  • WOW it’s already here!! I’m so sad Moko can’t come yet. :( I hope she can join in soon!!! *hugs*

  • Oh poor kitty, hopefully you do get to take Moko with you soon. I would be sad to leave one of my cats behind, too. They’re family.

    I don’t like packing, but I do like unpacking. I like rearranging and setting up the rooms in a new way. I do that from time to time without moving. I just clear out a room of all its stuff, and put it back together again.

    Good luck on your new adventure!

  • Best wishes with your move!!

  • Wow, I can’t believe you’re moving so soon! I hope Moko can join you shortly.

  • Good luck with the packing and moving Caity! Are you taking your furniture with you as well? I recently moved about half an hour away from where I used to live, and even that was a pain in the arse to move furniture…I can’t imagine moving it halfway across the world!

  • I don’t know if I would react very well to news that I couldn’t bring my cat with me, but hey…you’re moving to New Zealand!

  • Wow, the move is here!!! We should meet up! I’m still a country away but will be going on a holiday to nz in the next couple of years :)

  • Awwh, poor Moko… hope she can make it over to you guys soon. :( Good luck with the rest of your packing!! WOOO!!!

  • Don’t worry, Caitlin! Dad, Corinne, and I PROMISE to take extra good care of MOKO! After all, she is a part of YOU! ~ Helping you pack over the past few days has been very “bitter-sweet” for me, as well! I’m going to miss you and Josh sooooo much! I LOVE YOU! But . . . I wish you nothing but happiness and love in your new venture! ~ AND . . . THANK GOD FOR SKYPE! Lots of Love, Mom xoxo

  • aw, poor kitty :(
    such craziness! I’d never be able to move all my stuff in such a short period of time. Good luck next week!

  • I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in a new country.

    Do you have a new place all lined up over there?

  • Why can’t Moko go? Some vaccination thingy…?

    I’m sure your parents will take excellent care of Moko. :)

    *hugs* May your new life be fruitful in zee Zealand!

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