I had another birthday. It was simple but very lovely indeed. I’ve never had a bad birthday. My birthdays are always amazing.

My friends spoiled me first. I invited everyone out celebrate with me for dinner on Friday night since I wouldn’t be around on Saturday. A whole heap of people came out and we had a huge table full of people making me feel super special for the evening.

That would have been enough – celebrating an epic meal with friends – but some of my friends decided to get me super epic presents as well!


My Canadian friends Hugh and Peggy (and Jasmine and Rowan) gave me a beautiful songbook. I couldn’t believe they were giving me such a treasure and my mouth hung open as they gave me their own songbook. I leafed through the pages as I found songs that I knew and loved and looked at songs I have never heard before. I was mesmerized. I completely ignored everyone else. (PS – you should check out Peggy’s awesome blog, floraandwhanau.com)


My friend, and boss although I don’t treat her like it, also made me this completely incredible shawl. No matter how many times I photograph it, I can’t take a picture that does it justice. Perhaps I will get a better picture of it soon but I needed to put one here this weekend. She used the most beautiful, soft, wool and the intricacy of the pattern just intrigues me so much. I wore it all day on Friday and I received so many compliments. Probably because it was the nicest piece of clothing I was wearing.

Josh and I went away to Maruia Springs for my actual birthday – both the NZ day and the America day. I decided that since I live here now, I deserve two birthdays – the one here and my actual USA birthday since I was born in America. One day a year, I should have two days all to myself. So Josh gave in this year and gave me my birthday weekend at the Japanese hot springs and treated me like a princess.

I came down with a pretty horrific head cold once we got there. Perhaps it was my punishment for being too greedy or maybe it was just the world’s way of testing me for being too optimistic on every single birthday ever but I still had such an incredible day. At one point I started to feel a little bit sad because it was the first birthday that nobody actually sung Happy Birthday to me on my birthday but then my parents sent me a video of them singing Happy Birthday to me without me even saying anything and Josh ended up singing Happy Birthday as we were going to bed at night and all was right with the world. My family is incredible and I am just the luckiest girl in the universe.

I don’t know how I really feel about turning 30 next year. My younger sister Corinne keeps calling me an old fart which I think is quite ironic being that she’s only a year and a half younger than I am. My students found out that it was going to be my birthday and guessed that I was turning 24. I was flattered, of course. They are high schoolers so I decided that they should know better especially if they are guessing so close to my age. Next year my dad and I turn 30 and 60 exactly 1 month from each other. I am thinking that we will need to plan something big. Events like this don’t just go under the radar, don’t they?

I will miss being 28 only because it was my lucky number. It was a lucky year and I will always remember it fondly. I am optimistic about what is to come.

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  • Happy belated birthday! My birthdays are usually unspectacular. On occasion even horrible – e.g. that one time when my cousin stood me up and I spent the entire evening waiting. Eventually, at 10pm I went out into the city and got something to eat on my own. But I don’t wanna spoil your birthday fun with my negative stories…

    Instead I hope my next birthday will be awesome too ;) I will be in Australia, probably somewhere at some beach in Queensland. Should become the best birthday ever ;)

    • I hope that your next birthday will be super spectacular then! That Queensland birthday definitely sounds like it has potential! :)

  • Belated happy birthday, Caity!

  • Happy (belated?) birthday Caity! I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful time and I’m so jealous you get to have TWO birthdays :)

    I’m sure the last twenty-something year is going to be just as incredible as the previous :) I wish you well!

  • Glad you had a nice birthday :) My husband is already dreading turning 30 in August, but today I was told that the Guinness brownies were only for adults. I laughed and my Mom pouted. She seems to think I’ll take after her sister and be carded forever. (My aunt was 60 and still looked 40!) So glad that all your birthdays go so well! :D

  • Happy Birthday, sweetheart. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing time.

    30’s just a number. I reckon you’re closer to 24 in mental age anyway ;)

  • happy birthday! hope you had fun despite the cold.

    for our 30th birthdays, my friends and I are going to vegas, assuming we’re not pregnant. If we can’t fly, it’s atlantic city, lol

  • So glad you had such a wonderful birthday weekend, in spite of your terrible head cold! The gifts your friends gave you are awesome. Your boss is extremely talented and also very sweet to take so much of her time to knit you such a beautiful shawl. (I guess people think you’re pretty special!!! – They are right, of course! Spoken like a totally unbiased mom :) ) Seriously, you have “carved out” a wonderful and very fulfilling life for yourself “over there” in New Zealand, and Dad, Corinne and I are very happy for you. You have amazing friends. They sound more like “family!” ~ Now, if we could only find a way to move New York closer to New Zealand – everything would be just perfect! I’m only kidding. Just miss you; that’s all! – Looking forward to seeing you in July!!!!! :) ~ And – I think it’s a GREAT idea to plan something special to celebrate yours and Dad’s 30th and 60th next year! We’ll talk about it when you come to visit! (Sorry this message is so long . . . I just can’t seem to help myself!?!)

  • Hi. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog but have never commented. I had to comment about the 30/60 thing with you and dad. Happy belated birthday, by the way! =) This year, in April, my step-dad turned 40. This month, my mom turned 50 and my dog turned 10. In July, my grandma will be 70 and in August, my husband will be 30. So, it was weird/funny to hear about you and your dad next year both ending in zero. So, I thought I’d share my family story with you, about all of these family members having the “ending in zero” for their birthdays this year. =)

    • Hi Jen! That is so amazing! I hope you guys all had a great big party too because those are definitely some big milestones to share. Thanks for reading. :)

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