Thanks for all the kind wishes on my fresh start here at my blog. I’m glad that you all support me and will keep reading. I am definitely going to be blogging without skipping a beat so I hope you’ll all keep reading. Just give me a bit of time to get things looking decent again. For now you’ll have to deal with a default wordpress layout and no subpages. I’m working on getting everything back to how it was. Thanks for being patient.

Tonight, I went out with my friends Laura and Emily (and Emily’s friend Debra) and we had a girl’s night out! We started the night off by having sushi. I had never eaten sushi before so it was a real experience for me.

sushi (by caitysparkles)

We went to a really nice place and I ordered a salad, cucumber rolls, and fried sweet potato rolls. Being vegan, I guess you could argue that “oh it wasn’t really sushi” but to me hey I ate seaweed and had the whole sushi experience so I am happy.

sushi (by caitysparkles)

Here is me about to take my first bite of sushi. If you’re looking at my forehead, let me just remind you that it is Ash Wednesday. I sung at the 4:00 service today and received my ashes.

The First Bite (by caitysparkles)

My friend Laura posed with me after my first bite. I am laughing at her, really. I did enjoy it a lot.

Debra and Emily (by caitysparkles)

This is Emily and her friend Debra. They were enjoying their sushi too although we didn’t get photos of them actually eating it. They posed nicely instead like sane people.

Karaoke (by caitysparkles)

Then we rocked out to Journey at a little place down the road that we wandered into. Karaoke is the best way to end the evening, right?

Karaoke (by caitysparkles)

Don’t stop believin’…

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  • What did you think of your kappa maki rolls? I love them! Will it be a repeat? :) Though I have moved onto California Rolls – I just ate my last roll before I started typing actually – nom nom nom. – It looks like you girls had a great time!

  • Mmm kappa maki my favourite! My parents and I just went for sushi on Sunday, and this post makes me want it again. I haven’t tried many other Japanese vegetarian dishes, so I can’t say try this or try that. :( Looks like you all had an awesome time.

  • I would LOVE to see you do karaoke. :D Have you lost weight? It looks like it from the pix.

    I hate sushi. Actually, I like raw fish (sashimi), but seaweed can stay in the sea. Ickyy.

    I’m glad to see you’re gonna be a-blogging lots! Maybe I should give up not-blogging for lent. We gave up swearing. I’m not Catholic but it’s always a good idea to break bad habits. So, my apartment parking lot is shared with the Catholic Church parking lot… WOW. It was PACKED today!! There are a lot of Catholics in town who don’t go to mass regularly lol.

  • And yes, I have yet to fix the blog. FTP has been giving me issues.

  • I lived in Tokyo five years; I LOVE sushi, could eat it everyday. I am so glad it was such a good first experience for you. You should look deeper into Asian cooking (stir-fry and such) lots of different veggie dishes that would be a change – you can also make sushi at home, it isn’t that comlicated, since you don’t eat the fish you don’t need to know the proper way to cut it….

  • I’m glad you had a good experience and had some fun with your friends. :)

  • I LOVE sushi. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. It looks like you had an awesome time!

  • Cucumber rolls still count as sushi, silly, so you did get your first proper sushi experience. :) They’re my favorite, followed by the salmon ones. I’m noobish enough not to know the “proper” names for them, though. Yum yum!

    I could give up all other food and just live on sushi. It’s so good. <3

  • It sounds like you guys had a great time! I’m glad you had fun with your first sushi experience. I think it’s been almost a decade since I’ve gone out for sushi with friends!

  • I <3 sweet potato rolls. Forget raw fish, that's the yum!

  • The one time I’ve tried sushi…it was no good. I think I might not have tried the right thing. Yours actually sounds good!

  • Haha wow first time eating sushi? Gawd, that brings back the old days. My at the time friend of mine introduced me to sushi and I almost ate the wasabi thinking it was gaucomole. My friend told me that’s not gaucomole, it’s wasabi very spicy. Lol so I put it back down. I later learned to eat the wasabi mixed with soy sauce. It’s yummy. I can’t wait to visit Japan. Heehee.

    Anyways, I’m sorry I haven’t been around in so long. I’ve moved domains to . I couldn’t stand how kept going offline, so I moved. Sorry if I never told you.

    You’re starting over too? So am I. My skills have improved quite dramatically. I think anyways. I can’t wait to see the new layout. :). Take care hun and I’m glad to see you back.

  • Wow, your first time to eat sushi? I’m glad you enjoyed it. My first time was a little traumatic since I was 7 years old back then and found the prospect of eating raw/smoked fish utterly repulsive. I learned to love sushi about five years after that incident, though. :D

    Well, good luck with your fresh start! :) It’s always good to start fresh.

  • The only time I’ve ever tried sushi it was tuna but I didn’t like it because of the way it felt it my mouth. Is that weird? Glad you liked it though!

  • NOM NOM sushi is so good and I’m glad you had a good first experience. Sushi + Karaoke sounds like a great night out to me!!

  • Ahh, I’ve always been too afraid to try sushi! I’m definitely a creature of habit…something like that seems too new and unfamiliar to me lol. I want to be able to try it someday though.

    I’ve wiped out my blog a couple of times already, it can be really awesome to start all over again on a clean slate. I’ll definitely keep reading, and I’d like to still be on your blogroll of course! :)

    I just noticed we’re using the same base theme! Isn’t it neat? I like the clean, simple themes that don’t have a lot of bells and whistles that are easy to customize.

  • Looks like you had a great time! I LOVE sushi especially with tons of ginger and wasabi. Did you try any of that?

  • it definitely looks like you had a great time. hope to see more photos!

  • Sounds like you had a great evening! Wow sushi always wanted to try that

  • I’m so jealous you ate Sushi. I am hardcore sushi lover and eat the sashimi (raw fish) and everything else (except I am not the biggest fan of Nigiri and anything with fish eggs…blech). I’m so happy you enjoyed it! It’s really a treat for me nowadays since I am not able to eat (raw) Sushi but once I have this baby I am eating sushi all day after labor lol

  • I grew up with Japanese neighbours so I grew up around the real deal. However over the years I’ve just became more of a fan of cumber rolls, sweet potato as well avocado rolls.

    Glad you had a blast on your 1st experience of having sushi.

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