I did it again. Got wrapped up in my own little dream world.

School is back in session and I’m back in the madness. It’s all right, though. I’m loving every minute of it. I seriously adore teaching. Even when there are days where my students set out to make my life difficult, there are way more moments in my day that make it all worth while. Times when I can look back and be amused or inspired or intrigued by something. Once in a while I am even caught off guard or surprised myself.

I’ll provide you some examples for your amusement as well as my own.

Me: So everyone! We’re talking about days here so which of these two solutions can we automatically exclude or ignore?
Student A: The negative answer. We can’t have negative days.
Me: Right. Lets put a great big line through it! *crosses it out on the board*
Student B: But, Miss! What if we are using time travel!
Me: I’m pretty sure you don’t know The Doctor. Unless you have a Tardis which I’m pretty sure you don’t, cross out your answer.
Student A (to student B): Yeah, the Tardis is the only acceptable form of time travel.

Me: Guys, this is really important! Pay attention!
The Whole Class: *doesn’t pay attention*
Me: Don’t you want to pass your assessment? It’s important!
The Whole Class: *doesn’t pay attention*
The Whole Class: *pays attention*
Here, there happens to be one of these rare moments where it is assumed that there will continue to be noise in the room, but there isn’t. A student speaks softly to his friend but it appears to be the only noise in the entire universe.
Student X: …that’s hot.
The Whole Class (minus student X): Erupts in laughter.
Me: *turns bright red*
Here, I decide it’s best if I just turn around and keep writing notes while they get it out of their system. When it’s done, I turn around and continue.
Me: Okay, so lets try to fill in our table here with the values from our graph.
Student A: Will we do it in Spanish, Miss?
Me: No.

Those were my two best examples of the week.

There are a large amount of us in my little circle of teacher friends at school who are really into knitting. Lately, it has become a bit of a joke between everyone that every time someone walks into the staff room someone is sitting in there knitting or crocheting or has stashed their yarn or patterns there for later. One teacher is so passionate about it that she decided she would start a knitting club during lunch time one day a week for the students. She’s got a little army of knitters following her around now showing her their work and sharing patterns with her. It’s adorable and pretty awesome. They call themselves The Knit Wits.

It was decided this week that as fun as our little Knit Wit meetings are, it would be so fun to have a grown up version of this… a “Stitch and Bitch Knit Wits,” if you will. So all of the sudden we found ourselves in a pub tonight having a knitting club. I decided that this either made us officially old and lame or some new breed of hipsters. I’m going with some strange new breed of hipsters. Sitting in a pub on a school night knitting? Heck yes! (Or maybe I actually am getting old.)

My new hat

Fiona made me a hat, though. Well, that’s not entirely true. She made it for herself but it was too big for her head. I’ve got a pretty big head though plus I have loads of hair all over the place so it looks pretty good on me. It was so awesome of her to give it to me. She’s making the hat again but making it smaller (and in grey) for herself now. It looks amazing. I am constantly enthralled by the patterns that she makes. She makes all these beautiful clothes and wears them to work. Now my other friend Claire is making these awesome patterns too and I am in awe. I’m also just a little bit jealous but only enough to realize that I could actually be making these things too if I wasn’t too lazy to learn and practice better. However that is a problem that I have with the need to want to be instantly good at everything or giving up.

I am working on crocheting because no matter how much I try and knit I just can’t do it. I think that whichever you learn first (knitting or crocheting) is just what comes naturally to most people. My mother taught me how to crochet and I’ve always just found it way easier so I am going to pick that back up again instead. I’m pretty rusty since I haven’t done it in years but it’s coming back to me fast. I am going to try to make a pair of cute slippers and give them to Fiona since she made me my beautiful hat.

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  • Caity,
    The dialogue stories about your students were really funny. I loved the question, “Will we do it in Spanish, miss?”
    Regarding the knitting, I could never get the hang of it either. I also found crocheting much easier, but I haven’t done in ages.

    Our knitting group sounds like they like to have fun. I think knitting in pub is wonderful. I bet you some looks from the regulars!!

    You sound really good…happy and content. Enjoy it:~)

  • It’s apparently a common thing to only pick up one. I haven’t learned either myself but I know growing up it was always a big deal that my grandmother could do both. The hat is cute on you! I wish I had the patience to try and pick one up, I would love to make things like that for my daughter :)

    Kids say the darnest things huh, those are awesome stories! I’m glad you enjoy teaching and not that you dread having to deal with other peoples kids all day – sounds like you’ve got a good class.

  • Your class sounds like all my classes. We just bring up random stuff that diverts the lesson but could totally relate to the topic. :P

    I learned how to knit, but only a really simple thing like a scarf. Quite sad really. I love doing crafts though and have been thinking of starting it up again. I’ve never tried crocheting though I want to.

  • I wished I had a teacher like you :)

    The knitted hat looks good on you! Gorgeous!

  • Super cute hat! I wish I knew someone in real life who knits. I eventually figured it out myself, but I really wanted to crochet and couldn’t get the hang of it despite three different people trying to help me. Then I woke up one morning and decided I could do it, so I crocheted a little basket!

    I enjoyed your teaching stories! Especially the Dr. Who one!

  • Haha! I love it when you share convos of your class interactions. :D And adorable hat by the way! Super cute. <3

  • Your class conversations are hilarious. XD I love it.

    I think it’s pretty badass that you and the other teachers formed a knitting club in a pub at night. It just sounds too awesome.
    I love the hat Fiona made, especially the color of yarn she used. I’m a sucker for light green.

    I used to knit a lot but then I lost interest in it. Actually I used to knit, sew, and crochet a lot. They were somewhat addicting. I remember in elementary school, a male classmate of mine enjoyed knitting and we’d have competitions with each other.
    Even though I haven’t crocheted or knit in a while, I think crocheting is a lot easier and faster.

  • Hilarious class conversations, especially the second one! Your students are actually very smart. ;)

    The green hat looks lovely on you. I have never been a knitting person and I don’t think I ever will. I simply do not have the patience and … skills…

  • your class sounds awesome :P cute hat! knit wits, he he

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