This year, I am going to try to be more positive and less sarcastic.
Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen…

Or maybe I should just be happy with writing 2013 instead of 2012.


Resolutions. I always feel like they are so cliche` but at the same time, January 1 is a good starting point.

I accomplished a lot in 2012, the main one becoming secure in my new teaching job (and absolutely loving every minute of it). I made a ton of new friends and life just finally made sense for one of the first times in a long time. Perhaps ever.

Castle Point

But there is always something that needs fixing. One of these things is the fact that I gained a lot of weight in 2012. I am not really upset being that I accomplished a lot of other things in my life however I think it’s time to start moving the scale in the other direction in 2013. I’d also like to work on my fitness more again because I know I’ll feel better for it and have a lot more energy.

I’ve started logging my food again and I’ve already started exercising. You can read more about all this if you wish over at I won’t dwell on it here since I like to think of this space as my sanctuary of sorts. I’ll leave my weight loss battle to have its own space for now. (Although I’m sure you’ll hear about any major victories here.)


By the way, I had an amazing vacation.
But more about that soon. ;)

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