I’m not a football fan. I planned an entire day of “boycotting the Super Bowl” where I would do lots of fun things with a good friends of mine nowhere in the vicinity of a television. Unfortunately, I caught two bits of the Super Bowl. I saw Christina Aguilera get the words wrong to our National Anthem and I saw about 5 seconds while there was some celebrations saying Green Bay won.

I don’t care, and I’d rather go watch the Great South Bay! That’s exactly what I did today. I headed on over to the beach! Sure, there was snow on the ground but my friend Kierstin and I decided that we were going to the beach anyway.

The Beach

We actually didn’t end up staying there very long because surprisingly it’s pretty cold at the beach in winter. Plus, part of the beach was fenced off for some reason and we didn’t really want to stick around long enough to find out why just in case there was some sort of valid reason for there being a fence where there once was not.

We also went to a Kosher deli and had matzo ball soup. It was really, really tasty. I pretended it was Christmas. That’s what I felt like because I felt like everyone was celebrating the “Super Bowl Sunday” and I didn’t. (I’m not trying to insult anyone’s religion here. I promise. I was just being silly.)

We also went shopping. I’ll keep you in suspense for now. Not that it’s anything super exciting being that my money is pretty much nonexistent right now, but I’ll probably blog about my new acquisitions!

Did you watch the Super Bowl or did you do something random and fun like me?

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  • Is that not just a snow fence..?

  • I watched it. I have no idea why. I wanted to join the ranks of non-americans on twitter making fun of how bad/tacky/american/riduculous it was. But honestly, I ended up enjoying that big american boner party waaay more than I expected to! The half-time show was abominable and xtina screwing up the words was just the icing on the cake!

    I feel bad though. Mocking is mean.Bad canadian. But to be honest…americans do it too! So,forgive me :)


    also, the post-superbown episode of glee was fucking awesome!

  • I did not watch the Super Bowl…I don’t have cable but that’s not the point. :P I don’t really care for either team.

    The beach in Northern California where I lived was usually pretty cold too. Definitely too cold to be in the water unless it was a rare 100+ summer day.

  • Yay for hanging out with friends. Matzo ball soup sounds delicious. I could actually totally go for that right now.. Num!

  • I’m completely oblivious to the Super Bowl, being British and all. I guess it’s like the World Cup or European Cup over here. I try and ignore that too since I’m not into football at all.

    I’m glad you had a fun day though!

  • There was a super bowl this weekend? Wow, totally missed that. Awesome picture of the beach, though. I’ve seriously been craving some beach action lately.

  • I LOVE the photo you took of the snow at the beach. You really have a talent with your camera! ~ Glad you had fun with Kiersten. She’s a great friend. ~ Donna, Maryanne, and I just watched the commercials during the Super Bowl while Dad, Steve, and Chris actually watched the GAME! ~ Love, Mom

  • I watched and enjoyed with great interest, as a sort of adopted Pittsburgher. It was a great game, even if the Steelers lost due to three major fuckups. :) I spent the day with Chris and his family and had a great time.

  • I spent the day with my husband and his parents. The SuperBowl was on and the three of them were watching while I got caught up on my mother-in-laws magazine collection. I enjoyed myself in my own little “no football” world. :)

  • I didn’t care about the Super Bowl this year. I watched Dateline instead. It was about the guy who had to cut off his arm because it got trapped by a boulder.

  • Yay, high five for people who also didn’t watch the Super Bowl!

    Lovely photo, I like all the snow (I don’t like experiencing snow for long periods of time, but I do like snow!).

  • I’m not a football fan so I didn’t watch. I don’t have any problem with it, I’m a hockey fan so the whole playoffs are usually a fun time for me, and I have been to Super Bowl parties before (bribed there by food mostly lol). This year I was just home, it was a normal Sunday. Watched some hockey in the afternoon, played some video games, watched some tv.

    That is a beautiful picture of the beach! I love the beach. You do take a lot of beautiful photos :)

  • I could bits and pieces of the SuperBowl, and frankly was mortified by the poor performance of Fergie…that halftime show was sad. And of course the fact that my team lost, was also quite sad :(

    Lovely photo by the way!

  • I was surprised that it was actually aired here… and on 2 channels!!

    I saw about 3 minutes of it and went back to bed :D

  • I pretty much hate football, but our superbowl party was awesome. Good food, good company. We made up a drinking game and had a lot of fun debating about what constituted “a car commercial that’s not about driving.” Then we played that kinect dancing game during half time.
    I laughed until I hurt.

  • glad to see that you are out and about! those snowy beach photos are *beautiful*! I am not a fan of football either, I prefer rugby, by far, where the men have no gear! those are the real men, lol!!

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