First of all, just a brief mention about the new look! I want to thank Nellie over at Studiobollical for designing this fabulous layout for me. Finally I have something that is a bit more “me” and a bit less “premade layout.” Ha!

This past weekend, Josh and I took a weekend trip to visit Josh’s dad again. He is working on the apple orchards around where we recently moved away from so it was nice to go back and see everyone else, too. I even got to pop back in to my old job at the supermarket dairy and say hello to my friends who were working there.

Our little weekend trip had two main purposes, though. We had to do some shopping and we wanted applejuice.

The shopping for me was clothes. I bought a couple new outfits as well as two nice pairs of shoes which I so badly needed. For Josh, his goal was to purchase a basic set of plumbing tools being that he recently got hired by a plumbing firm here in our new town. I couldn’t believe how much tools cost but then again I suppose Josh was probably thinking the same thing about my shoes.

But this post is mainly about applejuice anyway. I’ll gloat about my pretty shoes another time.

By The Bus

I love going to stay with Pete (Josh’s dad) in his bus. It’s a huge bus that he converted into a house bus which he lives in and I always have such a great time. We stayed on the orchard with him for two nights and it was so peaceful there.


Oh, that’s our car by the way. It’s a Honda Ascot. I suppose it’s about time I showed it off. We’ve had it for a few months. We got it for a good deal from TradeMe which is basically the New Zealand eBay. I love it because it’s really reliable and it’s an automatic which means I can actually drive it even if I did have to get accustomed to driving on the other side of the road.


Most of the apples aren’t ready to eat yet especially the Tentation apples which are Josh’s favourite. However, most of the Eve apples are coming into season around now. If you’ve ever eaten an Eve apple, it came from this orchard or the same owner’s main orchard in the next town. They are the only places in the world that grow Eve apples. If you had one last year, there was a chance that Josh actually picked your apple. Pretty cool, huh?


There are a lot of apples on the ground right now that just aren’t going to be used for picking since they have fallen off the tree while the apple trees were thinned or they fell off naturally so they won’t ripen properly to be picked. So what better to do with them than to scoop up all the decent ones and make some applejuice? It was a beautiful day so all three of us gathered up the fallen apples and made applejuice from them!

I have never tasted anything more incredible than 100% fresh same day pure applejuice. It is so amazing. The only problem is that having one glass is like eating five apples which can actually give you quite a sore stomach or make you keep running to the toilet if you’re not careful.

We had so many apples that we got 8 huge bottles of applejuice!
What is something you’ve had that is so much better fresh?

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  • Better fresh… wow, now that you’ve put me on the spot, I really don’t know. I think orange juice is definitely better fresh. A lot of fruits are!

    I really love apples. So awesome that you got so much apple juice too. :D I have never been to an orchard but it would be really nice to, to have the experience of picking ripe fruit and learning a bit more about how they’re grown and picked.

    Loving the new look – Nellie did a great job. :D

  • I love apples, but never have had fresh apple juice. Maybe it’s something I’ll have to try some time. We have an orchard we go to in the fall nearby to pick apples. My favorite is the honey crisp. Yum.

    Love the new layout, Nellie did a great job, as she usually does. :D

  • Oooh lovely design, the color scheme is great! :D Good job to Nellie!

    Ohhh apples are so good. :9 That’s such a cool experience to be able to make your own juice, how awesome! :D Hmm, the best fresh thing… if not just-picked fruit, then maybe freshly ground coffee or peanut butter! Nom.

  • I love your new layout! Very pretty and it is definitely you. [=

    I love apple juice. Honeycrisp apples are my favorite. I have never had an Eve apple, much less ever heard of it.. but either way, that is kinda cool.

    Sounds like you had a fun mini-trip. [=

  • Most things are better fresh. Peaches are phenomenal when they’re tree ripened and not storebought cardboard. Then most things my parents grow in the garden – corn, squash, beets, carrots, cantaloupe, etc. Some things don’t really taste much different (peas, cucumbers, green beans, strawberries).

    OOH! And fresh milk from the organic milk place, sooo good. Yum. And fresh beef.

    I wonder what peanuts taste like right out of the ground…

  • The apple orchard sounded like a great time. I’m glad you had so much fun. Fresh apple juice sounds delicious.

  • Nellie did an awesome job! This looks great and it is very Caity.

    Fresh apple juice is amazing – definitely better fresh. The difference between fresh apple juice and normal apple juice is incredible.

  • Love the new layout. :)

    Since you have so many apples at the moment, there’s a chance you may not get to all of them while they’re still crisp, if you do have some softening on you, make apple sauce. Home-made apple sauce is indescribably good. I use it instead of milk with Special K – delicious!

  • Freshly squeezed apple juice is so amazing!! It’s so great that you were able to indulge. Haha. Totally worth the road trip.

  • I’m jealous. I want some apple juice!

  • Nice theme Nellie.

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