It has been almost a month since I blogged. That’s not like me!

I’ve been so busy lately. This term at school has been super hectic and on top of all of that, I have been involved with the school play. We put on Beauty and the Beast and ran three shows and a dress rehearsal. It went really well and I think the school and the community was really happy with how it all turned out. It really meant a lot to be involved in all of it and I was thanked on stage the last night and given a rose (ha, Beauty and the Beast symbols anyone?) and a thank you note from our principal.

That wasn’t the only flower I got that night, though. The last show was on my anniversary. Josh made sure that a big bouquet of flowers were sent to the school for me.

Anniversary Flowers

The best part was the message on the flowers.

Anniversary Flowers

I love him so much. :)
And I think he’s pretty good with these things, don’t you?

Ah, and photos.
It’s probably pretty evident by now that I failed my 365 Photo project. It was probably silly to start it at such a busy time of the year. I just couldn’t keep up and I also found myself taking pictures just to take pictures and not because I enjoyed it. I don’t want the project to make me loathe taking pictures and not look forward to photography. I think if I’m not forcing myself to take pictures then I’ll take a lot more of them. Deadlines never helped anyone. As much as I really wanted to complete a 365 project, I think it’s just not for me. At least not right now. And I’m finally okay with that. I think.

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  • Hopefully things have calmed down for you at least a little bit.

    If it’s any consolation I’ve started and stopped two 365 projects . In the end I established, twice, that they are stupid.

  • I think it’s pretty impossible to do anything every single day for a year. Even if it’s something that you love to do, sometimes you just get busy, tired, sick or have something else going on. It doesn’t mean you love photography any less that you didn’t take a photo everyday, just that you also have other interests and obligations to attend to. It’s life.

    Those flowers are gorgeous, Josh has nice taste :)

  • Clearly he’s awesome at these things ;) Gorgeous flowers indeed!
    I struggled immensely when I did 365. I was ready to throw in the towel SO many times, it wasn’t even funny. I failed it once then and honestly… it’s okay. You’re in good company if you decide to quit :)

    • Yes, I agree!
      Haha, most people seem to think the same as me about the 365 Project. I’m glad.

  • Aw, I definitely think he’s good at that kind of thing. I love the flowers. So pretty. Happy belated Anniversary.

    Beauty & the Beast is such a wonderful play. You are so lucky to have been involved :D

  • HOW CUTE! Lol, his note makes it even more funny and endearing, right? :)
    I feel ya on the 365 project. I’m not a photographer, but I wanted to take pictures just for the memories & write corresponding blogs with them every day. Oh boy. I lost motivation when I lost my camera. And I’m sure even if I didn’t lose my camera, it would have been hard to continue during finals week and all. Someday we’ll complete it I’m sure :)

    • Yes, the note was the best part!
      I’m glad most people seem to agree on the 365 Project! :D

  • Happy Anniversary! Lovely flowers. :-)

  • aw, that’s sweet :)

    definitely not worth doing something that’s supposed to be fun if it becomes a chore. you take pictures when it matters :)

  • May I haz a Josh? My Mooki doesn’t get me flowers because British men are stiff and irky. ;_; *jealous envious rage!*

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  • Aw, bummer about your 365! I honestly think it should be a FUN project with very little rules. If you really wanted to try again, then do it differently. Like for my 365… it’s more of a learning experience than a capture-a-photo-every-day thing for me. Every day, I add a photo that I’ve either edited that day or sometime in the past. That way I’m not pressured to TAKE a photo every day… I agree with you, it can become a job & you start to feel as though you’re taking photos just to take photos.

    Anyways! On another note… I love The Beauty and the Beast! How fun.. :D And p.s. Your husband is so sweet.

  • It’s awesome you were involved in the school play! I did a few plays in high school and (besides cross country) they are my fondest memories of those days. The flowers Josh sent are beautiful, that’s so nice of him :)

  • Happy Anniversary! (belated of course lol). And congrats on the show, it sounds like it was wonderful! You got some pretty beautiful flowers there. And that note is priceless lol. They don’t seem to realize that we really do appreciate the thought just as much as the actual flowers.
    Also, I think I’ve given up on the 365 too…and I hadn’t even restarted this year lol. I’m right now trying to do a monthly photo a day with themes for each day, it’s on my facebook but eventually I’m going to move it to my tumblr. I’m just trying to kickstart my photography since work seems to have killed my motivation (as has all the painting and organizing and unpacking of the house :/) It’s hard to take pictures when you’re forced to.

  • What a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary! I imagine you were a great help with the play. They can be a lot of work, but so much fun. I used to act in my high school plays. It was fun, but one time my role required me to kiss the boy I’d had a crush for YEARS (he didn’t know I existed). We had to practice “The KISS.” I don’t think I ever quit blushing until the night of the play. I managed to stay cool and calm then,..well, other stepping into a paint can left on the stage and having a red foot…fortunately this was after my moment of fame.

    You sound so happy and that makes me happy for you:~)

  • Awww I think that is so sweet!!
    And those are very beautiful flowers,
    really liking the vitamin colours too. :D

  • :) you made it a lot longer at the 365 than I did! Kudos to you! I’m having fun catching up on your blog – I’ve been MIA way too long!

  • Happy belated anniversary. I’m feeling a little bit nervous on commenting on your blog as you’re a high school maths teacher and I’m still in high school. So forgive me if I say anything wrong haha.
    Well lovely flowers!

  • Hello dear! I’m back and I’m back for good!

    Lovely flowers and so romantic! Belated Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  • Can I have a guy like Josh. That is the cutest thing ever. Happy belated anniversary. :)
    School plays are quite fun. I didn’t get too involved at the one at my high school last time but I was involved in the talent show which seemed like just as much work to put together as a play. Glad to see all the hard work has payed off. It is the best feeling in the world.
    I can never do those blog projects. I guess because I actually have stuff I want to blog about. I feel those restrict you in a way from being completely free and creative. I am sure you can blog without it. :)

  • Aww bless him – lovely flowers

  • Awwww the flowers and note are both so lovely! And it’s great to hear that the show and school has been going well for you! I agree with the not forcing photography thing though. It’s definitely something that you shouldn’t make a chore :).

  • How very sweet, flowers are always an awesome surprise. Glad you’ve been enjoying school. I always intend to do those photography memes but its never fun if you feel like you have to force yourself to take pictures.

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