Yes, I’m pretty much back. I should have my own internet in about one more week. I’m very excited. It’s been too long but it has been nice to have a bit of a break from the internet, too. (Yes, I’m going to keep telling myself that.)

Today is my little sister’s golden birthday (well, it is in America). She is 25 years old on the 25th of the month. I didn’t even realize it until my mother told me on the phone. Well, I guess I knew it because she is two years younger than I am but it’s one of those things that you sort of lose track of because, hey, it’s your “little sister” and they sort of stay the same age in your eyes sometimes… does that make any sense? Logically she was 25 but it wasn’t clicking.


Happy Birthday, Corinne. I love you heaps and I miss you very much. You’ll always be my little dugger.

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  • Happy birthday Corinne.

    Gosh, she looks a lot like you.

    Glad to hear you will have your own internet soon. How is NZ treating you?

  • Happy Birthday to your little sister!

  • What a sweet post! Thanks for thinking to blog about Corinne and her birthday! I just showed her your blog and it brought tears to her eyes! She loves and misses you, too! We ALL do! But we are happy that you are happy in New Zealand! We’re looking forward to when you get the internet. Then we can SKYPE with you from time to time! Say, “Hi,” to Josh. Good luck with the job search! Love, Mom

  • Happy Birthday to you sister! Hope you are having loads of fun in New Zealand.

  • Happy Birthday to your sister :)

  • It’s wonderful to have you back!!! I look forward to seeing more posts :D

    Happy birthday to your sister.

  • I find it ironic how my little sister was just in here getting her clothes for bed. She said, “I hope I stay this age forever.” She’s seven – or is it eight? I replied, “Well, gee. I hope not.” She is in that “the-whole-entire-world-hates-me-and-is-against-me” phase, it’s so difficult for all of us!

    The point is that I understand what you mean because I still see her as a little kid. I’m the oldest of all of my siblings, and they get so mad at me because I can never remember there current age.

    • Ugh. This is the second time I’m trying this! First I hit Tab + space, then I refreshed the page! Ugh.

      I meant to add that I hope she ha(s/d) a nice birthday! :P

  • AWWW! Happy b-day to your sister! My golden birthday is also going to be when I turn 25 next year!

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