My first birthday over here in New Zealand has been an absolute blast! I have enjoyed myself from start to finish. Last night, Josh gave me his present – a beautiful lamp for the living room plus a cute lamp for my desk. I’ve been complaining about the lack of light in our house lately. I also got a parcel yesterday from Josh’s mom. She got me a bunch of adorable and useful office supplies for my classroom. I have some awesome new pens and cute pot-it notes now!

Last night I decided that I was going to bake cookies for morning tea for the staff today since it was my birthday. There had to be a celebration! I made Snickerdoodles. They were a big hit. So many people had never even heard of a Snickerdoodle before let alone tried one so I was glad I made them.

Birthday Earrings

I went into school this morning and my students started flowing into my classroom with goodies. I may have accidentally let it slip somewhere that it was my birthday and word spread quite quickly. One girl in my house class (yes, we have a house system like Harry Potter in my school) gave me these earrings that her mother made as well as a huge block of chocolate! I got more chocolate, too! Just when I thought it had stopped, a girl from one of my other classes marched in with not one… but TWO CAKES that she had made. She even decorated them with circles and triangles since we are studying geometry right now. My desk was full of sweets not even 15 minutes after I walked into the door!

Birthday Presents!

Besides the sweet treats, I got some very sweet cards and gifts. The amount of time and effort that went into these beautiful cards really meant a lot to me.

Birthday Presents!

This one really made me giggle – get a load of this: “We made you this dice so that u can count how many times that we made you smile.”

Birthday Presents!

My friends gave me lots of presents, too! I didn’t expect anything except to maybe have a few drinks with them after school for a special occasion today instead of just for no reason like we do every week. They all got me presents, though! Beautiful, thoughtful presents!

Birthday Presents!

Birthday Presents!

Birthday Presents!

New bow

I had an incredible birthday. Also, I think that I am entitled to have an amazing birthday day again tomorrow since it will be my birthday in America. What do you think?

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  • That is so sweet of your students to do that. Hope you have a wonderful birthday (since it’s still the 18th here in North America)

  • How sweet of everyone! Happy birthday to you (it’s still in the middle of the 18th here in Norway)! :)

  • So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! You deserved it! Your students and all your “teacher friends” really went out of their way for you! It shows how much they appreciate you! I’ll bet the 2 lights Josh gave you really brighten up your living room! (little pun there!) Have a wonderful weekend with Josh! We love and miss you! ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~ Love, Mom xoxo

  • That’s so nice of your students. Glad you had such an awesome day, you deserve it! Happy Birthday (since it’s only 9am on the 18th here, you’ve still got a whole day of birthday left!)

  • Happy birthday! I’m so glad you had such an awesome birthday, your students and friends are so sweet.

  • Happy Birthday Caity. Those were some of the coolest gifts, especially the dice. It’s the little things that always make me smile :)

  • Aww, Caity! They love you SO MUCH! <3

    Happy birthday all the way from Canada ;)

  • Happy Birthday, Caitlin! Your students and friends seem really sweet & thoughtful. Glad you had an awesome day. [=

  • Your birthday sounds amazing!!! I can’t believe how generous all your students are :) You are a lucky girl. I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time. Happy belated birthday!

  • What a fantastic day you had, so glad for you! And OF COURSE you have two birthdays now, I always have my NZ birthday and then my Canadian birthday, t’s only fair.

  • Happy birthday!! That was really nice of your students :)

  • That is SO ridiculously sweet and awesome of your students, ahh! I hope your birthday was fabulous, Caity!

  • Happy birthday :) :)

  • Happy birthday, Caity! :D Your students are so thoughtful (especially with decorating a cake with geometric shapes!).

  • Two birthdays! I love it. :)

    What a great day you must have had! Your students rock — what great kids. That was very nice of them… I swear, gifts from kids — there is nothing better, lol.

    Happy Birthday and happy second birthday, too. :D

  • Aw :’) Thoughtful students are the best.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had an amazing time :)

  • Happy Birthday! So sweet of your students and friends to give you such lovely things.

  • It sounds like a wonderful birthday…you certainly don’t deserve any less! xx

  • Awwww I’m so glad you had such a great first birthday away from home!!! :) Your students are super cute..lots and lots of sweetie treaties!! :D

  • Oh my goodness! That’s crazy! And so awesome as well!

    I love making things here in holland that people have never heard of (or tried) before. Glad that your cookies were a hit :)

  • Happy birthday Caity! Getting showered with gifts sounds like an awesome way to spend that special day. Wish you could send ME some snickerdoodle cookies!

  • Happy belated birthday! :P

    I’m so glad you had a great first birthday here! Looks like you’ve settled in so well!

  • Its a little late to say,
    but Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like you had a great one,
    and those Snickerdoodles cookies looks delicious. :D

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