The site has a new look thanks to Georgie who designed me a new layout! It even works on mobile phones. Try it out. :)

I had a pretty rough week. I guess it’s just that time of year where everything gets stressful. We have less than a week until the end of the school year here in New Zealand and then we are on summer vacation until February. I think I really need the break even though I do have school related plans for over the break such as an exam writing camp in Auckland for a week and some preparation for next year to be done.


I found this present in my pigeonhole this afternoon. A BLUEberry muffin because I was feeling blue. Someone must have noticed that I was having a bad day. Little things like this just make such a difference and it just made my whole afternoon a whole lot brighter. I work with some amazing people. I still haven’t even figured out who put it there.


My husband also always makes me feel better. His ridiculous sense of humour is, many times, just what I need.

Right now, what I need is sleep. Wake me up next Friday.

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  • Looks Great on a phone!

  • Pretty new look! I took a peek on my phone and it looks great :D

  • Love the new look! I’m sure you will find out who dropped off that muffin before the end of the school year :)

  • I like the new look! I haven’t tried it on a phone yet but I love the colour a lot :)

  • The layout looks gorgeous!

    That blueberry muffin looks delicious, too. What thoughtful coworkers you have!

  • Very pretty new design! Responsive is the way of the future!! It looks great. I love the blue colours. Your co-workers are amazing :) I am so glad they were thinking of you.

    • Thanks! I totally agree and that’s why I just had to have Georgie make me one of her incredible layouts.

      I’m glad for my coworkers too. They helped me survive this stressful end of the school year.

  • All of Georgie’s themes are amzing & this one is no exception! IT IS AWESOME <3

    Your husband sounds so sweet! (:
    Man, if only I used my iPhone then we could iMessage. (: {though I do own an iPad but I hate only having some of my messages on there…and not being able to use my phone to reply to them… lol though if I use my iPhone it is the other way around b/c texts from my iPhone don't sync to my iPad…so, yeah… IDK Lol}
    I've been finding that A LOT of people online use iPhone's as opposed to any other brand of phone. Personally, mine is an S4 and I love it…I would use the iPhone but I just can't get away from the customization that my S4 has.
    Though there is a security feature that is driving me mad…but hey…android phones can be dumb sometimes! XD

    You have such nice coworkers. :P I hope that in the future my coworkers are like that. <3

    • I agree! I just had to have a Georgie layout!

      My husband is pretty amazing. I’m super lucky to be so spoiled.

      I used to have an Android but when I moved to NZ the deal was better for an iPhone so I figured I would try it out and I just got addicted. I think it’s designed to do that.

      Yeah, my coworkers are pretty incredible. I’m super lucky to work with such amazing people.

  • The background colour is so nice and fresh! Really liking it!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had a pretty trying week, but glad to know that you have a good support system in the people that work with you. Little do people realise that gestures, regardless of size, can help make a difference. Bless the person who gave that cupcake and your husband for that.

    Hope you have a restful weekend.

    • Yeah, this layout makes me happy every time I come here!

      I’m so lucky to work with such amazing people who care so much about each other. The little things really do make a difference.

  • I still can’t believe Georgie cheated on me. D; I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE.

    Kidding. She did a great job. :D

    I hope your days have been going at least slightly better. c: You and Josh are adorable. :p

    Happy holidays. :)

    • Hahaha, yup. Thanks! I loved yours too. :)
      I am on holiday now and totally relaxed. Hope you had a great holiday.

  • Great simple blue layout. I need to learn how to my layout mobile compatible. I feel like I am still learning wordpress a little at a time each day lol. I hope you are feeling better, and don’t stress yourself out to much.

    • Yeah, I am totally out of the loop and can’t do mobile layouts. Georgie is amazing. Thanks, I’m on holiday now and feeling great!

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