The last time I spoke about the Super Bowl, I didn’t have much to say about it other than I wasn’t all that interested. For the past 2 years I have lived in New Zealand, I really didn’t get involved at all. This year, I must admit that I started to miss it just like I’ve been missing quite a few American things lately which I normally wouldn’t be all that excited about.

So this year I went to a friend’s house who was having a Super Bowl party and watched the game. I must admit that I was rooting for Denver so I spent a majority of the game being angry. I was disappointed that the game I finally chose to watch was overall a pretty boring game, especially for a Super Bowl.

My favourite part? Renee Fleming.
She pretty much won the Super Bowl.

I texted my dad asking what he thought.
His response? “You’re better.”
Not true but still adorable.

My friends and I all were pretty shattered by half time. We were not expecting much from the half time show because… was Bruno Mars going to sing us a lullaby and calm us all down or something? I must admit I was actually pretty impressed. That could be because my expectations were low, though.

This was probably my favourite tweet of the day. We proceeded to sing the song every time the Broncos gave up the ball. This was unfortunately a lot.

I am glad that I watched the Super Bowl. Everyone also loved the nachos that I made.

Tomorrow the students start school. So far it has only been staff meetings and department meetings. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Come at me, 2014! I’m ready for you!

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  • Haaha, oh Stephen.

    A lot of people around here were, I guess, upset, over who they chose to sing the anthem. Cause she wasnt’ well known or whatever.

    I also liked the halftime show.

    • She is SO well known. She’s just a different kind of well known or maybe she’s just known by different kinds of people.

  • Super Bowl is so not my thing. American football is just one sport I never understood the mechanics of, so watching the game just leaves me clueless. I do like me some football films like Rudy and Remember the Titans, but that’s as far as my football appreciation will go, haha!

  • We really weren’t going to do anything for the Super Bowl, but Cy found out that his step-dad was making us a LOT of food so we went up to hang out with him and chow down until half time. I was asked which team I was rooting for, and I said, “Um, the ones in blue and green? I like their colors.” lol I’d had no interest ’cause I didn’t care much about the teams playing, but ended up enjoying the spectacle. Had blue not been my favorite color, I’d probably have been pretty miserable. I don’t feel too bad for the Broncos, but I do feel bad for their fans.
    We missed half time, saying goodbye to his mom, getting our take-home food, and coming down.
    Have a great first day back with the students!

    • Haha I have heard people saying similar reasons for rooting for a team like “I like birds better than horses.”

      I’m not a Broncos fan nor am I a Seahawks fan so I wasn’t too upset.

  • Glad you decided to make the nachos. I thought they’d make a hit! ~ I’m with Dad . . . nobody sings “The Star Spangled Banner” better than you! :) ~ We missed you at Donna and Steve’s. ~ Hope you have a great first day with your students! <3

  • It definitely wasn’t a great game, and there were only a few standout commercials, but it was still fun =)

    As you said, the halftime show was much better than I expected.

    The Super Bowl is kind of sad for me every year, not only because my Cowboys never seem to play in it any more, but because it is such a long time until next season.

    • Yeah I agree. It was probably one of the most boring games but it’s still a fun day.

      It is definitely one of the shorter sports seasons.

  • I’ve never been a big sports fan, I’d much rather play it than watch it :p But after reading all of the tweets and facebook posts about the game I felt so bad for the Bronco fans. But at least they made it there right? The whole point of it is the food anyways, least to me :P

    • Yeah I did enjoy the food. That’s why I made my nachos. I wasn’t really a fan of either team but I was leaning toward wanting the Broncos to win and I was pretty bummed out. I can only imagine how their fans felt.

  • I watched some of the commercials!

  • Hahaha at that tweet about the Broncos! I felt bad for them a little bit, to be honest (even though I was rooting for the Seahawks.) My team (the Giants) wasn’t in this time around, so I had to root for a city that I like. As for the National Anthem, I agree! It was just breathtaking.

  • I’ve never watched the SB before. I don’t really like football and it just doesn’t interest me at all. Hahaha. I am glad that you enjoyed it however. :D

  • I watched part of the Superbowl, but my boyfriend & I aren’t a fan of Bruno Mars…at all, so we watched the Puppy Bowl during halftime instead. I mean, seriously, you wanna know who won the Superbowl, it was the Puppy Bowl! Or is it Puppybowl? Whatever the case may be, I’m normally into watching football, but you’re right…the whole thing was pretty boring. Peyton Manning was so disappointed, heck, a lot of Broncos fans were disappointed. I was disappointed. Seahawks played a great game though, must admit. It was just pretttttty boring.

    Did you hear about the “controversy” the Coca-Cola commercial stirred up with all the ignorant backwards Americans? It’s as if people just forgot that America was a land founded by people before Europe…or that being multilingual is a lot better than just being comfortable with one language. Why not aspire to learn more languages?? I don’t even…..this is why it’s important to stay in school, kids!

    • We don’t get Animal Planet over here or I am sure we would have watched a bit of Puppy Bowl too. It definitely was one of the most boring Super Bowls ever.

      I have heard about the controversy. I think it’s very sad that people are being ignorant about the song they used. I think it was a beautiful representation of what America is all about.

  • Yeah, the Superbowl or even sports in general isn’t my thing. I just don’t know why but I can’t seem to get into it. I’m glad that you enjoyed it at least.

    • Thank you! Everyone has their own thing, I guess! There are plenty of other sports that just aren’t my thing.

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