I have not been so excited about singing a song in such a long time. I stumbled on this song the other day and I was like GIMME GIMME THIS SONG.

I am going to sing this in a few weeks at my choir concert. I want to nail it. I just wanted to show you all because this song is amazing and so is Sutton Foster.

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  • I thought the clip was of you. Disappointed :(

  • AWESOME SONG! Good luck! ~ Wish we could be there to see you perform. :( Hopefully you can have Josh “video” the concert, or at least your solo. Then we can watch it in July when you come visit!!!!! YAY! CAN’T WAIT!

  • Wasn’t Bridge popular during the Regency Period?

  • Good luck at your choir concert! I remember hearing you sing in a few videos some time ago. You have a lovely voice and I’m positive you’ll nail it :D

  • That’s a great song – good luck with your choir concert, I hope it goes well :)

  • I didn’t know how popular Sutton Foster was in the Broadway industry … I like her on the ABC Family show, bunheads.

  • Good luck performing it, or if you have already, I hope that it went well! The song and her voice make me feel like she should be in a classic Disney movie. :p

  • I love musical theatre, the emotion in the songs is great. That’s a really nice song, she has a lovely voice.

    Hope the choir concert goes well!

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