Trip To Hokitika

My name is Caitlin but a lot of people call me Caity. I thrive on adventure, optimism, and love. I grew up on Long Island in New York with my parents and my little sister, Corinne where I studied hard and became a high school math teacher. Then I fell in love and I moved around the world!

I told you I liked adventure.


I met a man named Josh. We met randomly online. Neither of us were looking for love but we’re very glad we found it. We have been married for 7 years now and I bet we will be together for about eleventy seven times infinity that long again! (I’m a math teacher so I totally know what I’m talking about when it comes to numbers.)

Christmas 2011

Josh is from New Zealand and now we are living a life of adventure (and a little bit of reality) here in this beautiful country.


As for some more things about me, of course I enjoy blogging. I love to write and more specifically I like to write about life. I think life is worth living and I always want to find a way to be moving forward and living my life. It doesn’t always have to be as extreme as moving across the world, either but that was pretty awesome.

I love singing. I have been singing and performing for my entire life. In recent years I have been putting some songs up on my YouTube channel. I have sung in various places from singing at weddings all the way to singing at the United Nations at a Youth Conference.

Other hobbies include video games, fitness, fastpitch softball, mathematics, photography, crafts, and general geekery.

I also like sparkles.