It has become a tradition for me to reflect on my year in blog/picture form. It has been one of the hardest years of my life. And I have been blogging less and less. A combination of the two nearly made me give up the tradition this year. Nearly. But, alas, here I am.

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I seem to only blog when thing are good in life. I don’t like writing about sad or uncomfortable things. But I’m going to do it anyway.

The thing is, although a lot of good things have happened to me in the past year, there have also been some not-so-good things that I omitted from my last post summing up my year.

Josh left me.
Almost a year ago now. It was last April.

I have kept it hidden for the most part. I didn’t even say it on Facebook until a few weeks ago. I only told my very close friends and my family. I suppose it has taken it this long for me to admit it to myself.

It has been a really difficult year. I guess that goes without saying. I also learned a lot about myself, though. Turning 30 as a newly single woman was not exactly what I had in mind. I have a really good feeling about my 30’s though. I have journeyed up the career ladder, I am learning to play the guitar, and I have finally learned to be honest and kind with myself.

When Josh left, I was upset for a while, thinking that I was out of control. You see, I like to be in control. Of everything. But it taught me an important lesson. And although it may seem cliche, I needed to do what made me happy. If life isn’t making you happy, only you have the power to change it.

I have enjoyed my freedom. I am free to make my own choices without affecting anyone else. I am free to do exactly what I want with my life. I am free.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for those people who stuck by me and helped me through this difficult time. It took me almost a year but I think I am finally starting to see the light on the other side.